On Feb 2, 10,000 Bitcoin (Bitcoin (BTC)) which were previously stolen from Bitfinex ultimately moved. In this article, CryptCraze will take a look at the effect of this move on several on-chain indicators.

Coin days destroyed

The first indicator which is noticeably affected by this move is Coin Days Destroyed (CDD). This is a lifespan indicator that accumulates one coin day for each day that a BTC continues unspent. Once it is spent, all these accumulated days are then destroyed.

On Feb 2, 195,057,413 coin days were destroyed. Since the sale amounted to a total of 10,000 BTC, each one of them would have to accumulate 1950 coin days in order to arrive at this reading.

This is in line with the matter that the BTC previously had not moved afterward 2016.

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Long-term BTC holders

Another indicator that shows that the sale was clearly visible is the “Hodler Net Position change.” The indicator isolates accounts of protracted-term holders and then measures whether they have accelerated or decreased their total holdings.

The indicator turned negative for the first time afterward Dec 2021.

Notwithstanding, despite this drop, this will possible not cause an end to the accumulation that has been going on afterward Dec. Rather, it is reasonable that this is a one off event and not a change in the behavior of holders.

HODLER Net position change
Source: Twitter

Spent BTC outputs

The spent volume age bands show the total amount of BTC transfer volume based on the coin’s age. Currently, roughly 90% of the volume comes from coins that have carry on moved 24 hours ago.

After all, there is an interesting increase that comes from the 5-7 year bands.

Spent output
Chart By Glassnode

A closer look reveals that the band spiked to 9% of the total volume on Feb 2. Considering that 2016 plunges inside this 5-7 time area, this was effected by reason of the progress of the aforementioned 10,000 BTC.

Spent volume
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Finally, Spent Output Profit Ratio (SOPR) measures the aggregate profit or loss in the market for each day. Values over 1 indicate that the BTC market is in aggregate profit.

On Feb 2, the indicator spiked considerably, touching a excessive of 1.075, that is the excessiveest price afterward early Nov.

Since the BTC purchased in 2016 were worth considerably less than the current cost, their sale is recorded as serious profit and is sufficient to offset the rest of the losses in the market.

Chart By Glassnode

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