A White Label Solution to Easily Set up Exchange Platforms

Stoxum is introducing a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange system that comes with a white label solution to help companies to set up their exchange platforms. 

After a gloomy winter, the cryptomarket is returning to a bullish sentiment and the doom and gloom predictions are looking up. Interest in the market continues to grow, making it attractive to financial giants like Goldman Sachs, who recently announced that it will start trading Bitcoin.

As awareness of the potentialities of crypto grows, so does the need for better exchange platforms.

But companies frequently face restrictions on building a successful platform when it comes to investing in a good technical team to develop the complex product, overlooking the growth of the platform, or allocating their money on growth often at the expense of technical quality.

The Stoxum Solution

It was with these issues in mind that Stoxum came up with a solution that grants companies a solid technical product that also addresses the liquidity problem.

Stoxum is introducing a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange system that connects the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges, assuring high speed of operation and a reliable and easy-to-use interface.

The platform will sustain the five most relevant cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap from the start, but it has committed to adding up to two new coins each month. Token holders will be able to vote on which coins they would like to see featured on the system.

Although the exchange of cryptocurrency is not a novelty, Stoxum hopes to bring something new to the market with its model of scaling and working with partners.

Its main distinctive feature is the white label solution which provides a ready-made technical product that allows other companies to easily set up a customizable exchange platform.

Stoxum is addressing the growth issue by having a dividend system and a single pool of liquidity. This means that all platforms on the Stoxum ecosystem share a common pool of orders and users will get the dividends of the entire operation. As such, the growth of even a single white label platform will have a positive impact on the entire ecosystem.

A White Label Solution Tailored to Customers’ Needs

The white label solution allows other companies to set their own exchange, offering a complete product that comes equipped with the necessary tools, technical, and liquid basis that allow a company to quickly launch projects under its own brand without having to invest in additional infrastructures, research, or technical work.

White label users can customize their version of the product to better suit their needs, from changing the visual components of the platform to implementing new functional solutions through the open source code.

Companies will be able to set up commissions for trades, establishing their own commissions for bidding or other operations, customizing cryptocurrency pairs, or introducing operations with fiat funds.

This solution also organizes the verification process for the legalization of each companys product through the AML/KYC functionality.

A Token That Works as a Share

The company will be launching its native Stoxum token, STM, which will work as shares, meaning that each token holder is also a co-owner and will receive a 100 percent return on investment.

The STM token works as a fork of Ripple, as it is a fast and reliable block system. Its open source code makes it possible to tailor the blockchain to fit the needs of the platform, and it also comes with a relevant ecosystem and infrastructure, which includes wallets and exchanges, of which Stoxum can make full use.

The token will be used for many actions in the exchange ecosystem, such as voting for the addition of new coins to the website, being able to moderate chat rooms, or using the white label solution. The commission payments for attracting users at the ICO stage will also be made in STM.

The system will guarantee that users will receive dividends proportional to their share of tokens (relative to the current emission) of 100 percent of the profits of the exchange and all products of the ecosystem in their STM wallet every ten minutes.

Stoxum hopes that this system of profit return for token holders will make users an interested party in the sites success, so users should play a major role in its social and marketing core.

Buying tokens

The first public pre-sale goes live on May 10 and will last until May 20. During this period buyers will get a special bonus of up to 25 percent. Investors can buy the STM at a fixed price of 0.00002 BTC. The company will be launching 200.000.000 STM, with no possibility of mining and no further emissions, and all unsold tokens will be destroyed.

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