Aeron Brings Blockchain into Aviation

When we take a flight we entrust our lives to the pilot. We trust the airlines to hire a pilot with the requisite experience and conduct thorough checks on the credentials of that pilot. However, did you know that one of the main ways that aviation authorities check on pilots for the licensing purposes is a simple pilot logbook? These are manual books comprised of a paper folio, recording flight hours and other information.

This manual way of tracking entries is not only outdated in this age of technology but also does not answer the important question of how to verify the authenticity of the information written in such a paper folio. Using blockchain technology, Aeron is now providing an elegant solution where all the logbook data is kept in digital format. Not only does the immutable nature of blockchain render fraud, deception, and alterations nearly impossible, but it also makes handling and transferring data easy. This is just one facet that the Aeron project is reforming through the use of new technology and its token, Aeron (ARN).

Bringing aviation records up to date

Aeron conducted a successful token sale to crowdfund the project, which ended in October 2017. Since then, the project has successfully listed its token on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bit-Z, Coinrail, KuCoin, TIDEX, and HitBTC. These tokens have been received enthusiastically by trading communities at the markets. However, ARN is not only a cryptocurrency or a crypto token, it is way more than that; it is the lynchpin for an entire aviation safety ecosystem. ARN tokens will play a central role in the industry as flight schools will be using ARN to book flight training, while private pilots will be able to find planes to rent and find schools. Airlines will also benefit, as they can check credentials of the pilots they are hiring. Even maintenance companies will benefit as they can order spare parts and be assured of their authenticity. With the launch of Aeron’s pilot log application on both Google and Apple, one of the major stated milestones of the project has already been achieved. This is a great step forward in promoting aviation safety with Aeron solution.

Aeron (ARN) token is taking center stage

Aeron has already facilitated the private aviation ecosystem through This is a one-stop solution for hiring planes, finding flight schools and organizing aviation based tours. Users of the portal will be able to use ARN to pay for booking all these facilities. An important factor in flight safety is quality of training, so with curated schools available on the level of reliability would be high. The usability of ARN is already being showcased by the project and thus its appeal to token buyers is likely to increase with time. Talking about how the ARN tokens and create a unified ecosystem Aeron explains in a Medium Blog, “Such a unified ecosystem simplifies interaction among all participants of the General aviation market, makes it easier to establish business links, simplifies mutual settlements, which in turn improves the availability of services and grows turnover in the industry as a whole.”

Participation in the future aviation industry

The traditional means to participate in the growth of aviation industry is purchasing airline stocks, but investors in such stocks could rarely shape the aviation industry. Aeron has opened another gateway for people to take part in the booming industry while helping enhance flight safety. Aeron (ARN) tokens are available on cryptocurrency exchanges and will not only be useful for traders but also for those who want to purchase flight experiences on private planes, tickets and flight training. The low total token supply on leading exchanges like Binance also means that trading opportunities exist for savvy market players. Aviation has now become a truly mainstream and accessible industry.


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