AirPod: Reintroducing Stability to the Cryptocurrency Market

It is already evident today that cryptocurrencies have a great potential to grow. But thanks to the volatile nature of the crypto-market, reflected by constant price fluctuation, there is a lot of doubt and criticism surrounding the market’s future. These existing conditions have created the need for tokens will relatively stable values which could act as both store of value as well as a unit of account. APOD is one such token fitting the needs of the present-day crypto-markets.

AirPod, the platform behind APOD tokens is passionately working to bring stability to their own token through the implementation of a Sponsorship program, which is set to boost liquidity. AirPod’s unique ecosystem will help make it one of the most profitable and stable business opportunities in the crypto-market right now. The base of the platform — APOD token’s main function is to act as a mode of payment for using AirPod “private resting capsule”. The token is a vital fuel for AirPod renting and platform services. With time, APOD token will become the fluid of self-sustainable economy on AirPod platform, enabling their holders to order, reserve or lease AirPod Services.

By holding on to these tokens, users will get a stable passive crypto-income opportunity. ICO participants will be able to convert APOD tokens to a sponsorship program for each installed AirPod unit over an indefinite time period. This will help establish a profit-sharing relation, giving them the opportunity to manage units and collect fees. The sponsorship program stage will be implemented during the first year or after the installation of the 400th AirPod unit.

Opportunity to Manage Units and Collect Fees.

Through AirPod’s own DApp, token holders will be able to access AirPod’s Sponsorship Program. The application will enable token holders to make a financial analysis of an individual AirPods free of charge, helping them decide which AirPod they choose for the Sponsorship Program, sign a Smart Contract and start gathering profits.

The Sponsorship Program provides an opportunity for the ICO participant to gain profit shares for the selected AirPod unit. They stand to earn up to 80% returns on the unit’s profits month after month as a Stable Passive Income.

Blockchain technology and the use of smart contract – complete transparency and an available overview of the unit’s business.  Sponsorship participants will also be able to invest in future deals of a particular AirPod unit and even trade them with other participants or sell your share anytime to anyone.

About AirPod

AirPod is a firm that is involved in design and placement of capsule-style privacy units in public spaces including Airport terminals hotel hallways railway and bus stations etc.

It’s an ideal solution for people who are seeking to find an area to relax in private while still in a public place. AirPod units incorporate technologies that will enable users to perform a range of tasks in total privacy and comfort. The APOD token sale is set to go live in May 2018.

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