Algebraix Explains How ALX Gives You Control of Your Data and Is Changing Advertising

Algebraix is an Austin, Texas-based company that has developed a secure, permission-based ad platform called ALX. The platform allows users to monetize their personal data by selecting the information they would like to make available for targeting to advertising networks in exchange for a compensation. The Algebraix platform is fueled by its own ALX cryptocurrency that lays the foundation for a new data economy.

The Industry Challenge

Today, Internet giants collect and monetize information about individuals’ shopping habits, interests, political leanings, health concerns, investment decisions, social interactions, and other data. To date, there has been no mechanism for people to control and benefit from their own personal data.

The cryptocurrency-enabled, permission-based ad network developed by Algebraix is ushering in an era in which consumers understand the value of this data and benefit financially by sharing it. Algebraix, with the use of blockchain technology, is disrupting the advertising market by giving consumers the means to store and protect their personal data to prevent others from monetizing it in an unfair fashion. When people own their data, a new form of marketing —permission-based marketing will emerge and change the game.

The Algebraix Platform – Creating Trust Between Advertisers & Consumers

Algebraix’ platform enables users to be paid in ALX tokens to watch advertisements, mainly from the entertainment sector including movie, games, TV program, and music advertisements. Entertainment businesses will provide their targeted ads directly to the consumers and reward them for watching, instead of paying heavy fees to the digital advertising giants.

This way, Algebraix delights users and increases its audience. Since the users are rewarded with ALX tokens, the mass audience will quickly know how to earn, save and spend their cryptocurrency, which in turn, will increase the mainstream adoption of digital currency. In addition, the company has also announced the exclusive bounty program.

ALX Beta Tester Airdrop – For Limited Number of Participants

By becoming a beta tester, users can earn ALX tokens by providing feedback on their experience of using the ALX app. Click here for all the information you need to apply, get a sneak peek at ALX, and to earn ALX tokens now.

Charles Silver, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Algebraix, says:

“This is the first step in bringing cryptocurrency to everyone. We will allow people to take ownership of and monetize their most important asset—their personal data. I’ve been in permission-based marketing for 25 years, and cryptocurrencies make it possible for people to earn rewards for trying different services. The bigger the audience, the more advertisers are attracted and the more cryptocurrency is circulated. That draws more advertisers and a larger audience. It feeds itself.”

Algebraix token sale is now live for accredited investors. To know more about the platform and participate in its on-going token sale as an accredited investor, please visit You can access its White Paper or Executive Summary. Also, connect with the team at Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Medium, Reddit and LinkedIn.





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