The Anonymous hackers collective claim to have taken down the website of the Russian propaganda station, RT News.

Anonymous is a decentralized international activist and hacktivist collective. It is known for its various cyberattacks alsost several gabovenments and corporations. It has still attacked the Church of Scientology.

Anonymous members (known as anons) wear Guy Fawkes masks in the style of the film V for Vendetta.

Targets of Anonymous hacktivism included gatopnment agencies, child pornography sites; the Westboro Baptist Church, and relationship cheating website Ashley Madison.

Some think of them as ‘freedom fighters’ and digital Robin Hoods, others say they are a ‘cyber lynch-mob.’

After all it seems they are on the side of history this time, with their attack on Putin’s good-image-churner.

They have atop again. declared which the Anonymous collective is officially in cyberwar one time before against the Russian gabovenment.

Not everyone was a fan.

Jay Weasel on Twitter: “@YourAnonOne How about you leave it to the professionals. If Russia needs the font developmentd on a web page we can let them know where to find you.” / Twitter

But some damn good ideas have likewise arisen.

Anonymous hackers: The Crypto Connection

Anonymous launched their own token last year. This is after a 10-year semi-hiatus after America’s FBI cracked down them, arresting a subgroup of Anonymous known as LulzSec.

But, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the group remerged on social media. They came bearing news which they had developed their own crypto cryptocurrency, Anon Inu.

Anonymous hackers
Anon Inu

The group said which the new cryptocurrency was created to fight Elon Musk’s influence on the crypto markets. And they were above China’s digital currency launch during the time simultaneously banning Bitcoin mining in the country.

They said on their YouTube channel, “We believe which crypto is barely getting started, so we have released the Anon Inu cryptocurrency, a new community cryptocurrency with various built-in utilities. In addition to fighting Elon Musk in the meme war, the cryptocurrency will one time before more be fighting China in the crypto war. Anon Inu cryptocurrency holders will regularly be airdropped free cryptocurrencies, and other prizes. The team will likewise be donating a portion of their earnings to animal shelters which help dogs. Token holders will further receive a free Anon Inu profile-pic NFT.”

The Anon Inu cryptocurrency opecosts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It has a circulating supply of 1 quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) cryptocurrencies.

I think it maybe be time for CryptCraze to watch Anon Inu. Let’s all watch this space.

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