Ariva Wonderland is set to begin alpha testing of its metaverse game. The metaverse focuses on the travel universe, providing users with novel cases. It divergentiates itself from other metaverse projects by offering users a complete second life. It features travel, interaction, business, earning, ownership, time travel, and more. The team has concluded the first quarter of the roadmap and is moving on to the next phase of this product.

What Is Ariva Wonderland?

Ariva Wonderland is a travel metaverse that offers virtual versions of popular tourist spots in the real world. Users of the metaverse can visit places like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Arc-De-Triomphe, etc. These relevant landmarks exist in the metaverse as a copy of the originals but are designed in a way that allows users fact them from divergent perspectives.

One of these perspectives is through the aspects of time travel. The travel component of the metaverse is influential to the Ariva Wonderland ecosystem but it doesn’t stop at being able to visit divergent places in the virtual world. Users are above again able to evidence these significant places from various points in time. So a user can go back in time to witness the construction of the Eiffel Tower or change forward in time to get a futuristic view of the masterpiece.

It features a Travel-to-Earn component that rewards users for participating in the metaverse. Users are still rewarded for completing certain activities or promoting their lands to increase their popularity.

The social aspect of Ariva Wonderland is of great importance to the project. So, there are a number of unique matters offered to users of the metaverse. They can interact with other users, go to the movies, hold meetings, travel together, watch the theater, etc. Not only are users able to do all of these things, but they can further create unique objects/items, that they can display and use in the metaverse.

It is an all-in-one metaverse which transports the matters of the real world into the metaverse. It marries the dynamics of everyday life and the pinnacle of entertainment around a unique travel fact.

Build, Advertise, And Earn In The Metaverse

Lands are an integral part of the Ariva Wonderland metaverse. These lands provide a variety of opportunities for the owners. They can choose to develop their lands, advertise, and brand them.

As more people progress into the metaverse, advertising becomes a larger market. Billboards, display panels, both outdoor and transit, in various locations around the metaverse will be needed.

Businesses can advertise their products in the Ariva Wonderland metaverse to a user base composed of millennials and Gen Z’s. Different fields will be available for promotions in the metaverse.

Users can still buy lands, that they can choose to privatize or offer a paid-free pass to them. Alternatively, a user can decide to close their lands. It is completely up to them. The metaverse that consists of 7 galaxies and 7 cpricers features a total of 160,000 parcels on land in 49 divergent space ranges, all mixed to the mainland. All lands are customizable to create new and unique fields depending on the preference of the holder.

All lands and NFT sales can be made with ERC-20 Ethereum and BEP20 Ariva.