Befund Launches Crowdsale for Its Decentralized Fund Platform Aimed at Clarifying the Cryptocurrency Market

No matter how enthusiastic people may be about adopting the latest blockchain technology and participating in the many ICOs available to potential token purchasers today, it’s still very much a caveat emptor situation on the overall ICO market. The Befund service platform intends to change all of that. This decentralized fund platform allows potential cryptocurrency buyers to rely on the expertise of their fund’s specialists and to leverage their expert capital and networking capabilities. The company will be launching its own crowdsale on May 16, 2018.

Like all new industries, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing its share of growing pains. Everyone has heard of the high-profile scams, and instances abound when even well-meaning companies rush their ICO stages without having built solid enough foundations to ensure they can deliver the products and services promised. Meanwhile, the recent highly publicized volatility in mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with a lack of tested evaluation tools, can make the sector seem perplexing. Understandably, everyday token buyers don’t have the expertise to evaluate emerging companies in order to make the best purchase decisions, which may be keeping them out of the sector altogether. The Singapore-based, non-profit Befund Platform aims to mitigate these issues by drawing on the expertise of its team of venture capital professionals. Their team works together to develop a deep understanding of various projects by applying their in-depth due diligence, management, and technical expertise. Befund’s goal is to build a standardized blockchain-based service platform that complies with various jurisdictional regulations to guide cryptocurrency funds, fund managers, and token holders, no matter their size.

The platform plans, in part, to cater to fund managers who would like to issue their own crypto tokens by offering a book building product along with a SaaS tools platform (including cryptocurrency wallets), subscription platforms, and investment management tools and clearing assistance. The long-term goals for the company consist of building a public blockchain-based financial ecosystem that will allow cooperation throughout the entire financial industry. Befund is working to implement compliance audit services while providing their users with cryptocurrency valuation reports. Users will also be able to access crypto financial planning advice and to interact with industry experts, including those from a global angel, hedge, and private equity funds.

According to Befund Director of Overseas Operations, Khalil Lin, Befund’s goal is to completely transform the financial industry. “Blockchain technology has the power to remove geographical constraints while creating the conditions for greater trust between global funds and international investors,” he argues. “As this sector grows, more and more token holders will be seeking professionals who can effectively manage their cryptocurrency holdings. Befund is being developed to simplify the process and to support this new breed of fund managers by building a toolkit of highly relevant solutions and services. With the strong team of experts we’ve assembled, we believe that our platform will have a positive impact on the global financial system; and by making it easier to access powerful crypto asset management tools, we will play a crucial role in expanding the client base for cryptocurrency funds overall.”

The company’s public blockchain is known as BFDChain and will be powered by their internal BFDT token. Services including learning modules and smart contract templates will be accessed using the token. Major holders of BFDTs may also be entitled to participate in exclusive advance fund sales conducted on the platform. A maximum of two billion BFDT will be issued, including the sale of 9% to strategic backers, a 25% private placement with whitelisted buyers who passed our KYC procedure, and the distribution of 20% to the Befund team. In all 800 million BFDT will be available for sale.

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