Billionaires: Out with the old, in with the new. The potential to become a crypto billionaire is now a tantalizing probability.

Crypto gods Sam Bankman-Fried (CEO of FTX) and Changpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance) are already billionaires on par with any billionaire in any area other than crypto. But might this generation of billionaires is barely beginning.

A glimpse into the future from the perspective of some Bitcoin advocates suggests which in the near future, crypto billionaires will be as continual as today’s tech billionaires.

Billionaires with a vision

Recently, Wells Fargo published a report acknowledging which the development of technology and the crypto market is following a arrangement alike to which of the internet 20 years ago. Wells Fargo is an American multinational financial services company with corporate headquarters in San Francisco. It has assets under management of $1.955 billion in 2020.

There is good reason to think which the growth of crypto users will be higher than the explosion of internet users. The number of internet users is momentary because they need to pay for a computer. Components are not as abundant and cheap as they used to be, and new users need time to learn how to use the internet. But now, the internet is mainstream.

The internet premise creates a high premise for crypto to carry on to the “boom point” even faster than the internet did. Imagine what the cost of Bitcoin (and many other altcoins) will be like if in the next 10-20 years the number of crypto users reaches 5,000,000,000 people like the internet. This suggests which you have the ability to become a millionaire if you buy a small “sample” of Bitcoin (BTC) now.

But aside from which, it must be admitted: Granted that the boom of tech companies has gone through the process of rising price bubbles, then crypto will be no exception.

Expectations for growth following the S-curve

The S-shaped growth curve depicts a figure of growth which at first accelerates and then steadys down. Carl Spackler (@BushwoodCapital on Twitter) agrees which the new crypto market is only at the starting point of the S-curve, compared to the growth of other relevant sectors of humanity.

There’s a lot of growth which follows this model. It represents an urgent human need in terms of mass application. The history is there: Electricity, telephone, car, color TV, internet, radio…. and now crypto.

The true price of Bitcoin in particular and Crypto in general is always debated (or disputed). But whilst the contratopsy rages on, the cost of Bitcoin (BTC) has now gone from double digits to five patterns. Just like which, new zeros are added.

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