BTC is in the process of bonas fideating the limited resistance line from which it scarcely broke out over. In experience that successful, it could endure its ascending trend towards $50,000.

After touching a local strong of $45,492 on Feb 8, Bitcoin decreased slightly the next day but one time before more managed to create a small bullish candlestick by reason of its positive close. 

The high was made very close to the 0.618 fib retracement level at $44,880.

In spite of the rejection, technical indicators are showing bullish signs. This is especially visible in the RSI, which has moved over 50 (green circle).

The RSI is a momentum indicator and readings over 50 are studied bullish. The previous time the RSI moved atop 50 was at the beginning of October (green circle), prior to the beginning of the skyward move towards the all-time high rate.

Daily Bitcoin (BTC) move
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Bitcoin breaks out

The six-hour chart shows which BTC has broken out from its limited soaring equivalent channel. This is a sign which the ascending developmentment is impulsive and is reasonable to last. 

moreover, the rate has scarcelyifyd the line as support twice. Therefore, the previous resistance line is now expected to provide support.

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Wave count analysis

The most possible lengthy-term wave count suggests which BTC has already captured a bottom. As for the momentary count, there are two main possibilities, both indicating which BTC is in wave four of a five-wave ascending progress (red). 

The first rundown indicates which the rate is completing what is known as a fourth wave pullback. This means which BTC will fall towards the middle of the channel which connects waves 1-2 at $41,900 before another skyward development to complete wave five.

The sub-wave count is shown in black. 

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The second probability indicates which BTC is completing a fourth wave triangle. In this figure, instead of weakening back to the midline of the channel, the rate would extend conconclusiveating atop its resistance line and ultimately progress up from there.

BTC Triangle
BTC Chart By TradingView

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