Bitcoin (Bitcoin (BTC)) has been increasing afterward touching a local low of $33,000 on Jan 24. It’s now approaching the first influential Fib and horizontal resistance field.

Bitcoin has been exchanging within an growing parallel channel afterward April 2021. On Jan 24, 2022, it realized a low of $32,917 and bounceeded. This served to legitate the support line of the channel and BTC has accelerated by 13% afterward.

The main resistance field is found at $40,800. This is an field that previously acted as support until BTC broke down below it on Jan 21. Therefore, the field is now reasonable to provide resistance.

BTC changement
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Ongoing BTC rebound

The two-hour chart shows that BTC is approaching resistance at $38,200. This is both the 0.5 Fib retracement resistance level and a horizontal resistance range. A breakout above it would be a paramount change in executing a bullish structure. 

Technical indicators are likewise showing bullish signals. The RSI, that is a momentum indicator, has already moved above 50 (green icon) suggesting that the interim trend is bullish. Similarly, the MACD is nearly positive

Notwithstanding, it extends to be seen if this move above 50 (red circle) will only be a interim deviation, equivalent to what happened on Jan 20. 

A breakout and close above $38,200 would go a lengthy way in hardlyifying that the increase is not barely a relief rally.

Short-term resistance
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Short-term move

The 15-minute chart shows that BTC is attempting to move above the $37,400 range, that previously rejected it twice (red icons). 

However, it’s dealing within an surging alike channel, which is usually a corrective figure. The progress within the channel also has very periodic abovelaps, further supporting the probability which it’s corrective. 

Because of these signals, an eventual breakout from the channel seems to be the most expected scheme, prior to the continuation of the descending shift.

In spite of this potential momentary drop, the most inclined lengthy-term count one time before again suggests which a bottom has been realized.

BTC Channel
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