Bitcoin (Bitcoin (BTC)) decreased after spreading to a strong over $48,000 on Feb 10 and appears to be in the process of completing a corrective structure.

On Feb 10, Bitcoin realized a strong of $45,821 before falling. The high was made right at the 0.618 Fib retracement resistance level at $44,900.

The ensuing decrease created a shooting star candlestick pattern. This is normally treated a bearish pattern, afterward selling pressure managed to create a protracted upper wick and a bearish close.

The case thretained transpired at an significant resistance field further increases its significance.

BTC evolutionment
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Short-term evolution

The six-hour chart shows that BTC has broken out from an increasing parallel channel that had previously been at it afterward Jan 24. The cost endorsed the level as support twice since on Feb 9 and 10 (green icons). After all, it crumbled within the channel one time before one time before again the next day (red icon). 

Technical indicators are showing some bearish signs, but do not hardlyify a bearish trend turnaround. 

The MACD, that is created by short and lengthy-term moving averages (MA), is tumbling but is likewise positive. 

The RSI, which is a momentum indicator, is also falling. It is however further atop both the 50-line and an soaring trendline which has anew been at it afterward Jan 24. 

Until this level is broken, the ongoing bullish trend go ons intact.

BTC parallel channel
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The two-hour chart further shows considerable weakness. This is especially visible in the bearish variations that have developed in the RSI and MACD. This weakness preceded the ongoing descending development. 

Currently, it seems that BTC Is in the process of credibleating the resistance line of the channel back although one time before again. 

The main support range is found at $41,000. This target is the 0.5 Fib retracement support level and the midline of the increasing parallel channel.

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BTC wave count analysis

The most inclined lengthy-term wave count indicates that BTC has already realized a bottom.

As for the limited count, it seems that BTC is in wave four of a five-wave skyward change (red). The sub-wave count is shown in black. 

The increase made on Fed 10 and the subsequent fall suggests that the wave took the shape of a flat correction. 

So far, sub-waves A and C have had an exact 1:1 ratio, that is most common in suchlike structures. 

The next most common ratio is 1:1.61. This would lead to a low of $41,335, likewise tagging the midline of the channel and the aforementioned 0.5 Fib retracement support level.

BTC Count
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