Bitcoin (Bitcoin (BTC)) accelerated considerably on Feb 7 and broke out from its momentary figure, making it likely which the bottom is already in.

The weekly chart shows which Bitcoin (BTC) accelerated considerably during the week of Jan 31-Feb 7, and has prolonged this skyward change this week.

Granted that Bitcoin (BTC) manages to reach a close atop the current rate, it would create a morning star diagram, which is often treated a bullish annulment pattern because the entire decrease of Jan 17-24 would be negated. Therefore, it’s pivotal which Bitcoin (BTC) reaches a weekly close over $43,070 in order to complete this pattern.

BTC Weekly
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Daily movementment

The daily chart provides a bullish outlook for the reason that the bullish readings from the MACD and RSI, which are both moving skywards. 

The former is positive and the latter has evolutiond atop 50, both signs of a bullish trend. 

BTC is presently approaching the 0.382 Fib retracement resistance level at $46,712.

Daily change
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In addition to this, in the six-hour chart, BTC has already broken out from an spiraling alike channel. This is a sign which the skyward shift is impulsive and could likely lead to new local strongs in the short term.

BTC Channel
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BTC wave count analysis

Due to the ongoing increase, it seems almost certain which the prolonged-term wave count is signaling which the bottom is already in.

As for the limited wave count, BTC has likely ended or is close to completing wave three (red) of a five-wave skyward progress. The sub-wave count is shown in black. 

The Feb 8 strong of $45,492 was made at a confluence of Fib levels, namely the 1:1.61 ratio of waves 1:3 (red) and the 0.618 length of sub-waves 1-3 (black).

So, it’s inclined which BTC will retest the resistance line of the channel before resuming its ascending trend.

BTC Count
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