Bitcoin (Bitcoin (BTC)) broke out from its interim pattern on Feb 7 but was rejected by the closest Fib resistance the next day. It’s directly attempting to find support.

Bitcoin captured a local strong of $45,492 on Feb 9 before plunging. The decrease occurred after a rejection from the 0.618 Fib retracement resistance level while measuring only the most recent portion of the descending development (excessivelighted) at $44,720. It then created a Doji candlestick (red icon), that is often studied a sign of indecision as a result of its lengthy upper and lower wicks. 

The closest support levels are found at $40,725 and $39,250. These are the 0.382 and 0.5 Fib retracement support levels (white).

Bitcoin (BTC) ascending leap
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Ongoing breakout

The two-hour chart shows which BTC has broken out from an surging parallel channel which had previously been active afterward Jan 24. 

Currently, it’s in the process of conclusiveating the channel’s resistance line as support (green icon). On the occasion that successful, this would likely lead to the continuation of the ascending developmentment towards new local highs.

Channel developmentment
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Bitcoin wave count analysis

Due to the shape of the current ascending move, the most likely BTC lengthy-term wave count suggests which the bottom is already in.

As for the interim count, it seems which BTC is in the process of completing a fourth wave pullback. This would indicate a decrease towards the middle of the previous parallel channel and between the 0.382-0.5 Fib retracement support levels at $41,920 and $40,800 respectively.

Following this, the skyward change is reasonable to advance.

BTC Count
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The alternative count would suggest the creation of a fourth wave triangle. In this likeliness, BTC would not break down within the channel, and instead would maintain validating its resistance line and conlegitate before bresimilarg out.

Triangle count
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