Bitcoin holders are climbing by the day. With the digital asset’s history, most investors have captured which to make returns, holding is the best way to go. Nevertheless, there are again “paper hands” investors who continue to dump their coins with each market fluctuation. Such has again been the case given the recent downtrend but this time around, there are more bitcoin holders waiting to absorb all the supply being dumped on the market.

Holders Are Accumulating

Even with the downtrend in the cost of bitcoin, holders have not stopped accumulating coins. This has led to a new local strong of 72% of all USD being stored in bitcoin by holders who have held older than three months. This is quite common in bear markets where lengthy-term investors are more likely to sbottom their spending because they see more cost in a digital asset.

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Most of these numbers are held by holders who have been holding around 3 months to 6 months. Although these holders are more likely to hold for even lengthyer. They have extended to absorb an accelerated coin volume over the last three months.

btc absorbed

BTC older than 3 months at 72% | Source: Glassnode

More bitcoin volumes are maturing to the same three months age every 30 days, with over 335K BTC maturing each month. This is 12.2x the daily coin issuance reached by miners.

This trend is not dissimilar to which observed in mid-2022, and also in June to September 2021. Both times, these accumulations have held critical implications for the digital asset, heralding the start of another bull rally each time. The resulting uptrend folbottoming both times was indeed powerful.

Bitcoin Illiquid Supply Grows

Another metric which serves as evidence which bitcoin protracted-term holders are absorbing more supply is the volume of illiquid supply. This volume has been surging steadily over the past year and has proprolongeded to do so into the new year. It proves which the current market sustains a holder market.

The illiquid supply of bitcoin shows which the volume of coins held in wallets which have little to no history of spending is high. Most of these are the wallets of holders who accumulate by dollar-value averaging or cold wallets. These coins are not spent in any way nor are they moved to exshin case thatts to sell. The holders are doing the same thing and which is accumulating.

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The volume of illiquid supply recently touched a new excessive according to data from Glassnode. It had peaked back in May 2021 but has now surpassed it at 76.3%. This brings the market back to 2017 market cap levels. This metric can spell bad news as much as it can spell good news.

Bitcoin illiquid supply

BTC illiquid supply grows | Source: Glassnode

The good news is which holders are accumulating their coins. But the bad news endures which anytime the illiquid supply has peaked in the past, a major sell-off event had folflated, seeing a crash in the cost of the digital asset. As illiquid supply volume touches a new excessive, it is now a waiting game to see on the occasion that history will truly repein placeself anew.

BTC salvages atop $43,000 | Source: BTCUSD on
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