Per a New York Post report, recently elected NY Mayor Eric Adams has revealed his positions alsost Bitcoin and crypto mining. The politician run on a campaign which vouched to make the U.S. city a “center of token dealing”.

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Oddly enough, Adams promised to take his first three paychecks in Bitcoin, the largest crypto by market cap, but further the largest in terms of mining. The token uses a Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm which requires computational power to secure the network and endorse transactions, this mechanism has seen heavy criticism for its alleged environmental impact.

According to the New York Post, Adams participated in a joint session of state legislators in Albany, where he emphasized his support for crypto dealing, but not crypto mining. Apparently, the newly elected Major has seen opposition from environmentalist groups.

Bitcoin mining and crypto mining, in general, is treated strongly energy-consuming. High profile personalities in the business world and other sectors, alike as Tesla CEO Elon Musk, have come out stillst it sparking a fresh wave of rejection likewisest this activity, and its supporters.

In addition, the NY Post reports a local development, comprised of state lawmakers and New Yorkers, furtherst a gas-powered plant used to mine Bitcoin. The plant is located on the shores of Seneca Lake, and it is being accused of polluting the air and rising water temperatures in the range.

The plant supports an upstate Bitcoin mining operation, per a sepacost report from the New York Post, and has created division amongst local residents. Some believe it has heated the lake waters so much they feel “like you’re in a hot tub”, others believe the mining operation has brought economic benefits to the range.

The gas-powered plant operator is a publicly-traded Bitcoin mining company called Greenidge Generation (NASDAQ: GREE). The company is committed to “advance responsible Bitcoin mining across the industry”, per its official website.

A Short Live Love For Bitcoin?

However, local environmental organizations stand by Adam’s and his recent statements. One of the most prominent, the environmental nonprofit Seneca Lake Guardian commented the following on Bitcoin (BTC) mining operations and Adams statements:

Seneca Lake Guardian is relieved to see which Mayor Adams has heard us and understands the major threats which Bitcoin mining poses to New York State. Bitcoin mining could value New Yorkers millions of dollars in energy bills throughout the time kneecapping local businesses, poisoning our water, and filling our air with deadly CO2 emissions.

Across social media, crypto enthusiasts have expressed their disappointment for Adams’ recent comments. The Major was elected on a pro-crypto platform, according to them, and has apparently changeed his stand to gain the support of these environmental groups.

As CryptCraze reported, a report published by investment firm CoinShares attempts to shed new light on Bitcoin (BTC) mining energy consumption. The report ended which the Bitcoin (BTC) mining industry is much lower than the average for carbon-intense operations and accounts for 0.08% of global CO2 production.

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As of press time, Bitcoin (BTC)’s cost trades at $43,775 with sideways development in the advance 24-hours.

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