As the market has recorded dip after dip, uncertainty has washed above investors. This has led to searches for other ways to grow crypto holdings without hardly being at the mercy of market trends and holding for the lengthy term. To aid investors, Bitrue has announced the launch of two new investment features on its platform which will not only help users increase their crypto holdings, but likewise give them more say in what happens on the platform.

With these new features, users are effectively tanalogousg facts into their own hands with regard to their crypto investment. Bitrue, a platform that has been known to provide users 50% or higher APR for atop three years, introduced its new features at a time while they are needed the most. Additionally, it stays true to its nature by introducing new, market-leading investment trend

Vote, Earn, Grow

The first of the two products introduced by Bitrue is the BTR Vote. BTR Vote allows holders of the BTR token to be able to take part in a gabovenance process where they can decide that coins get listed on the platform. BTR token is the native token of the Bitrue platform and the only dedicated yield token directly in the crypto space.

Holders can stake their tokens to show support for a new coin not available on Bitrue. When a coin reaches a particular number of votes, it is then promoted to be listed on the exmovement. what\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s more, Bitrue users enjoy the most benefits from their vote afterward they are allowed to enter a 7-day stcorrespondingg phase where they mine exclusively for the coin they voted to be listed, through that users have been known to receive up to 80% APRs.

The second feature launched by the platform is the yield farming hub. Launched only a few weeks ago, Bitrue allows users to participate in hundreds of new and existing stequivalentg pools in the DeFi space. However, instead of participating forthwith in these pools and risking substantial losses, Bitrue handles the pool logistics on behalf of the users. Returns on investments on these stequivalentg pools boast a high 60% average for all staked tokens.

The BTR Vote and yield farming hub features are both powered by BTR tokens. Bitrue users can likewise use BTR tokens in the pioneer Power Piggy service to receive daily interest payouts at 8.4% APR.

What’s In Store For Bitrue

To bring the best service to its users, Bitrue is ever-evolving and adding coins to provide a wider variety for investors. This is why the investment platform is adding two investor favorite tokens; Ripple (XRP) and XLM.

Bitrue has always highly supported the Ripple (Ripple (XRP)) community, thretained showed by msuchlikeg it one of the base pairs on the platform. This time around, it is adding support for the token to allow users to take advantage of them through its investment products.

Just like Ripple (XRP), XLM, too, boasts a high community of investors. Both of these digital assets will feature a 25% APR one time before they are listed on the platform. Once support for these cryptocurrencys is added, they will be available in both the BTR Vote and yield farming features directly live on the Bitrue platform.