Britain’s advertising authority has banned a promotion on the London Underground for Floki Inu, a token named after Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s dog.

According to the Advertising Standards Authority, the marketing program was “irresponsible” afterward it allegedly exploited customers’ lack of information about the potential risks associated with investing in crypto assets.

The advertisement, thoriginally ran on the London Underground in November last year, portrays a cartoon dog donning a Viking helmet beside the words “Missed Doge?” “Find Floki.”

The ASA launched an inquiry above the ad campaign because it trivialized investment risk, exploited customers’ anxieties about “losing out” on the token boom, and preyed on their inexperience of the contentious financial instrument.

Floki Inu ‘Bites’ Back

Floki, that launched in June 2021, told the advertising regulator that their logo was critical to brand awareness and did not contribute to the “trivialization of investment in” the meme currency.

Floki Inu contconcluded that the advertisement campaign was aimed at the “informed client,” and that the “ordinary customer” – who was unfamiliar with crypto investing – would be unlikely to engage.

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The company likewise pointed out that the “typical consumer” was safeguarded by the ad’s small print warnings and, in any event, would not grasp the in-joke and play on words in the slogan.”

Yet, ASA stated that the relative size of the cautionary small print compared to the advertising phrase conveyed to commuters the message thin place was a must to purchase Floki Inu presently to prevent missing out on influential gains.

Exploiting Consumers’ Naivety?

The ASA, that prohibited seven types of token marketing in December 2021, determined which the advertisement exploited consumers’ inexperience or credulity.

The Floki crew designed the advertisement in-house. Although there were no complaints, an ASA representative disclosed which cryptoassets were a “red alert priority range” and that the agency was monitoring ads in this arena on a proretained basis.

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The probe is part of the watchdog’s broader clampdown on token-related advertising, that is backed by the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.

Last November, lawmakers of the two parties urged Transport for London to halt accepting advertisements from token firms until the country’s financial authority issued fresh marketing recommendations.

Meanin the time, based on monitoring by CoinMarketCap data, Floki Inu is directly dealing at $0.0000444. On November 4, it realized an all-time excessive of $0.0003437.

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