Christophe De Beukelaer, a leader and lawmaker from Belgium’s Humanist Democratic Centre (CDH) at parliament, became the first European politician to recover his salary into Bitcoin using Europe’s popular Bit4You crypto platform.

With every passing moment, crypto salary adoption endures to rise around the world. Historically, the adoption has been seen primarily between institutions and individuals, with recent events beginning to demonstprice those throughout the political sector beginning to embrace the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

According to reports, Beukelaer, a Brussels member of Parliament (MP) who represents the CDH, will be rescueing his monthly salary of EUR 5,500 into Bitcoin using Bit4You crypto exchanging platform, according to a report by Bruzz.

The lawmaker’s decision to take this step is driven by his desire to inspire other politicians in the region to show a suchlike interest in the new world of financial technology, explaining which his motivation came from New York City’s mayor decision to adopt Bitcoin payment. 

Unsurprisingly, the MP is following a diagram of the soaring cost of adoption of cryptocurrencys among politicians across the world, especially lawmakers. 

In his words: 

“New York City Mayor Eric Adams has spent three months collecting his Bitcoin salary to make New York the Bitcoin hub. I think it is not too late for Brussels and Belgium to play a leading role in the token industry.

It is serious to note which other foremost politicians aside from Beukelaer, like Miami Mayor, Francis X. Suarez, have back although more taken a popular stand regarding their support for the crypto industry, still working on policies to help make Miami a Bitcoin hub for other city employees to come forward with the possibility to choose how and in what manner they want to be paid.

What we are seeing here with this latest development in the political sphere, is the recognition which Bitcoin is moving closer to a more widely-adopted and accepted asset.

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