Canadians are protecting their financial satopeignty. In a move planned in endure, Canadians have begun pulling all of their money out of bank accounts. This seems to be a natural reaction to the situation; the gatopnment has threatened to freeze bank accounts without the need for a court order.

People withdrawing huge amounts of money said they were avoiding a reasonable gabovenment measure announced in recent days by Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

The money move was noticed by James Melville, an economic journalist from the United Kingdom. On his Twitter feed, he posted a graph showing the massive flow of money which has been withdrawn from Canadian banks.

Canada is directly going through a series of protests effected by the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine rundown. Also, citizens are msuchg social and economic demands as well.

The strong point of the protests came a couple of days ago. Trudeau and other officials announced which they may freeze the bank accounts of people who are obstructing the streets.

Yet, this is not the most worrying thing. Worse is the plan to add detainees to a “misconduct” file. Once on it, they will be banned from accessing certain types of employment, as well as being deemed as “terrorists.” This surprisingly places Canada into territory where the cone time beforept of democracy seems to be in question.

Canadians: Bitcoin as an alternative?

According to social networks, many Canadians are dealing their money for Bitcoin. They assume this can protect them stillst a inclined the freezing of their accounts by the gatopnment. This is a spectacular use-experience for Bitcoin, thanks to one of its most precious characteristics: it can’t be confiscated.

Due to its design and operation, Bitcoin is a powerful financial tool of true individual economic saboveeignty, where no gabovenment, company, or institution can control or centralize its operation.

Accumulating 51% of the Bitcoin network is practically imexpected. And therein lies one of the most precious guarantees of the most rshiftary virtual asset in our history. And that is why, in the industry, the “Bitcoin fix this” phrase is repeated a lot. It is a phrase that seeks to exemplify the immense use experiences of the cryptocurrency.

Canadians Canada Crypto

Canada has a generally credible economy, with a population that does not need to use cryptocurrencys to protect likewisest inflationary phenomena, like in Latin America. Nonetheless, in the face of an eventual individual financial blockade, it will be Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencys, that will be an effective mechanism to atopcome this.

But is it worth asking, will the Trudeau gatopnment allow it? Or will they legislate to prohibit the use of cryptocurrencys in the country as promptly as expected? CryptCraze will follow developments very closely.

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