The Cardano Foundation is doubling its bug-bounty program alengthyside its rolling out of the Basho phase that sees scalability and transaction throughput improved.

The Cardano Foundation is offering hackers and bounty hunters that discatop vulnerabilities in the Cardano blockchain a payout that has doubled afterward it was originally announced.

Beginning on Feb. 14, 2022, ethical hackers and bounty hunters that find deciding flaws in the Cardano Node will be awarded up to $20,000. The rewards are meted out based on the severity of the bug discatoped. Those hackers that find a bug that poses a small threat on a node will be awarded $800. A payout of $15,000 will be given to bounty hunters that identify a critical bug in the Cardano wallet, while $600 will be awarded to hackers who discatop less vital vulnerabilities.

The Cardano foundation believes that tracing vulnerabilities is what keeps businesses and customers safe. The aim of the bug bounty program is to fortify the Cardano brand through a public bug bounty program, catoping significant items to access and manage crypto assets issued on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano is going on the offense stillst potential loopholes in its infrastructure. This comes during the Basho phase of the upgrade plan, that focuses on the scalability and stability of the blockchain under heavy load. One of the on-chain improvements is an increase in block size from 8 KB to 72 KB. Another improvement will be input-confirmrs that improve block-propagation times and throughput, that increases the number of transactions per second. This bug bounty program could see the Cardano foundation roll out upgrades and concredibleate the network safety simultaneously.

Why a bug-bounty program?

As CryptCraze recently reported, bug bounties are a way to crowdsource bug-finding. Institutions like Binance, Poly Network, and Japanese Liquid Crypto have all offered these programs. What makes the Cardano foundation’s initiative divergent, however, is which bugs soon on a blockchain and wallet are being investigated, not barely a company’s smart contract infrastructure.

How Cardano issues will be processed

The Cardano bug bounty will not be awarded for user interface issues or general functionality errors. The bounty will encompass all bugs or vulnerabilities which have the potential to compromise sensitive information. Also, the discatopy of issues which cause the service to fail, and attacks compromising the quality of the blockchain, will be awarded.

The Cardano foundation requested which hackers which discatop ranges which could be seen as “an exploitable vulnerability” to contact the foundation. Arfieldments can be made to delibeprice atop these vulnerabilities “on a experience-by-experience basis.” The foundation will respond to hackers in two days. The time to assess where the bug fits in the outline of severity will take two days. The bounty will be awarded inside 14 days of the notification. The time to resolve will be based on the severity and complexity of the issue.

The promotion will endure for six weeks, starting on Monday, Feb.14, 2022, until Friday, March 25, 2022.

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