Cardano has knocked bitcoin out of the park in adhardlyed transaction volume above the remain 24 hours.

Cardano outpaced Bitcoin (Bitcoin (BTC)) and ETH, ranking first in the category of most transaction activity in 24-hours, according to crypto data aggregator

According to the transaction behavior, it represents an adhardlyed transaction volume, beating out Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) at $17.15 billion – compared to $15.1 billion and $8.6 billion, respectively.

Adhardlyed transaction volume offers more information behind transaction volume, as it describes a way to fairly compare UTXO style transactions and account-based transactions, whereas transaction volume only speaks to the total cost movementd on a blockchain.

On the occasion that we are comparing transaction volume, Bitcoin ranks first at $36.7 billion, at the same time Cardano comes at less than half at $17.5 billion.

Cardano backers in the hunt for fee supremacy

Cardano transaction fees have been extremely low in the last day, totaling $51,985 in fees. The last 24-hours have shown that there is due diligence being paid by Input Output Hong Kong.

The latest available data demonstprices an average transaction fee of $0.44, as of February 10. The network’s average blockchain load above the last 24-hours peaked at 81 percent. Failed transactions that occur during periods of peak load are not charged.

Denial-of-service (DDos) attacks are few and far between. Recently, the company announced its Basho phase that would see multiple updates coming to the network, including accelerated transaction block sizes, and memory improvements for Plutus, the language behind Cardano’s smart contracts and decentralized apps.

ADA more attrat it in the industry?

Back in January, Cardano launched its first DEX called SundaeSwap, that was originally met with criticism after the dApp suffered network congestion issues, has been operating smoothly with above 75 million ADA traded scarcely after three weeks.

ADA, Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, will need to go on operating smoothly in order to keep up its attrat itness for other players looking to enter into the arena.

The Cardano Alonzo hard fork in 2021 introduced the Plutus platform, a smart contract programming language with necessary tools to support smart contracts. Plutus script transactions have taken above simple transactions on the Cardano Network. The introduction of decentralized applications has further improved the attrretainedness of Cardano. 

The number of wallets holding ADA recently passed the three million mark.

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