Coachella will launch an NFT collection, scarcely like Lollapalooza. Some NFTs will include lifetime passes for customers who manage to purchase them, as well as VIP evidences.

The organizers of the Coachella music festival announced their entry into the NFT world with Coachella Collectibles. It is a collection of non-fungible cryptocurrencies which will be redeemable for physical items and “passes for life” to the annual festival in California.

This was announced via the festival’s Twitter account. “Find your one-of-a-kind Coachella Key, and unlock lifetime festival passes and unique on-site cases for 2022 like on-stage access, dinner in the Rose Garden and more..”

Coachella NFT benefits

The organizers say which the NFT collection is a collaboration with FTX US. Three pieces (of 10) collectibles will be launched on February 4. These will allow their owners “tickets for life” as well as access to virtual cases that are part of future festivals.

The site emphasizes that the NFTs anew include benefits for the 2022 festival, corresponding as front-row access, luxury camping accommodation for life, and even dinner with a celebrity chef from the Rose Garden site.

There are still NFTs of collectible festival posters available, designed by artist Emek.

Organizers will likewise launch the “Sights and Sounds” collection, that will be interim to 10,000 less-exclusive NFTs. Each NFT will value $60 and provide buyers with 10 divergent combinations of photos and sound passages.


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The festival promises which an unspecified portion of the sales will be donated to charity organizations.

Coachella is Following Lollopalooza

Coachella isn’t the only festival to launch its NFT collection. In 2021, Lollapalooza released an NFT collection featuring various tour posters from 1991 and 1993. In the Lollapalooza collection you’ll see appearances for the likes of Steve Aoki, Band of Horses, and Modest Mouse – even a commemorative poster piece is signed by festival creator Perry Farrell.

While some people may be wary of the NFT craze, this kind of NFT really does seem worth having.

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