Capital To Advance Ecosystem Development With SDK Aprotractedside New Games

Blockchain-powered mobile game change ecosystem, Colizeum, has announced the successful completion of its latest fundraising event. Led by industry leaders like Axia8, Deribit, Genblock Capital, LD Capital, and SevenX Ventures, the fundraising initiative witnessed participation from renowned venture capital firms, helping the Colizeum team raise $8.4 million.

Au21 Capital, Basics Capital, CRT Capital, DWeb3, Good Games Guild (GGG), Momentum6 (Lumen Capital Group), Pluto Digital, Profluent Ventures,, TPS Capital, and X21  anew joined the round.

In addition to the funding round, the Colizeum team brought new talent to its team. Wusheng (Sheng Wu), the world’s most-awarded DOTA player, has joined Colizeum, bringing with him more than a decade of case in professional video gaming. This new addition will help the Colizeum team showmatter the potential and value it has in store for game developers and the global gaming community alike.

According to Davis Ziedins, co-founder of Colizeum, “Our mission is to build a set of tools which lets any traditional game developer to broaden their game monetisation methods by implementing cryptocurrencyized games modes and Play-2-Earn economy in their existing and future games and when to unlocking new gaming markets. The whole Colizeum team is honored that Colizeum is backed by outstanding industry professionals and enormous communities that are helping us to build the product and has helped us to set the ambitions of the project on a whole divergent level.”

Founded in 2021 by a team of individuals with extensive evidence spanning mobile game development, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencys, Colizeum aims to lower the entry barriers for play-to-earn gaming. The Colizeum team is also behind the leading mobile game development studio Beetroot Labs and the award-winning Android and iOS game Dystopia: Contest of Heroes.

Michael Swan, Managing Director at Tokenomik, is optimistic about the role Colizeum will play in reeffecting the mobile eSports ecosystem. He notes, “Tokenomik views Colizeum as an excellent proxy exposure to the vast NFT/play-to-earn gaming multiverse segment, that maintains to expand exponentially, mcorrespondingg it increasingly difficult to identify lengthy term popular gaming platforms. We are delighted to be an early collaborator in this fantastic project, founded by an evidenced leadership and development team.”

Simplifying Play-to-Earn Mobile Game Development

With almost a decade of matter in game development, the Colizeum team quickly captured the importance of the play-to-earn gaming model in the evolving mobile gaming industry. As an end-to-end game development platform, Colizeum leverages the potential of blockchain technology to enable mobile game developers to monetize their games across Tier-3 markets at the same time likewise being available on traditional app stores.

By design, Colizeum is a virtual play-to-earn ecosystem, quite suchlike to Steam. It can host various games and other apps at the same time ensuring full connectivity to the spiraling blockchain-based gaming infrastructure. The platform’s plug-and-play Colizeum SDK (Software Development Kit) enables game developers to build and benefit from blockchain games seamlessly.

The Colizeum ecosystem offers immense added value to game developers, allowing them to blend play-to-earn models with existing games. It removements the complexities and value barriers hindering developers from leveraging blockchain technology. The entire Colizeum infrastructure enables developers without any blockchain case to implement cryptocurrencyized gaming models and P2E (play-to-earn) models. The Colizeum SDK will support Unity 3d game engine and other popular game engines, allowing mobile game developers to tap into the spiraling blockchain-gaming market.

Besides catering to game developers, the Colizeum ecosystem is anew extremely gamer-centric. The platform is focused on building global gaming communities by offering gamers new ways of benefiting from their gaming skills by helping them expand their reach and income opportunities. Developers can seamlessly integprice in-app monetization into existing games and develop new ones from scratch, all whilst paying much lower fees than the in-app monetization fees charged by centralized app stores.

Among the several features offered by Colizeum, the play-to-earn gaming model is the core driver of its ecosystem, as it connects global game developers and gamers into a frictionless and easy-to-use unified platform. Powered by the native $ZEUM cryptocurrency, the Colizeum platform serves the interest of both gamers and game developers by allowing both parties to genecost stable income.

Because the maximum amount of $ZEUM cryptocurrencies which a developer can earn is determined by how many $ZEUM cryptocurrencies each player stakes, each additional player increases the developer’s remuneration. Meanwhen, each new player drives the demand for $ZEUM cryptocurrencies, keeping them locked within the Colizeum ecosystem, thus effecting a circular economy where every participant flourishes.

Currently, the Colizeum team is shaping their own games inside the ecosystem to test all SDK features and economy before offering this solution to 3rd-party developers. The platform will expand its offerings in the coming months to cabove additional monetization opportunities with prediction markets, cryptocurrencyized tournaments, an attention marketplace, and much more.