A sixth consecutive week of infflats for crypto and digital asset investment products occurred last week, drawing in a mere $36 million.

According to the latest CoinShares report, the infbottoms persisted despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the accompanying negative sentiment. The report stronglighted that Bitcoin dealing volumes on crypto exshassuming thatts exchanging the RUB/USD pair surged 121% week-on-week.

Understandably, fbottoms were rather one-sided, with the Americas seeing infflats of $95 million, during the time European investment products saw outfbottoms amounting to $59 million last week.

Coin fbottoms

The major coins saw infflats last week, albeit in rather subdued amounts. For instance, infbottoms for Bitcoin-based investment products amounted to $17 million last week. This brings the total of the now fon the occasion thatth consecutive week of infbottoms to $239 million. Although Ethereum-based products only saw minor infflats amounting to hardly $4.2 million, it marks the second week in the past three with infflats, that had folbottomed five straight weeks of outfbottoms.

Alternatively, most altcoin-based investment products experienced outfbottoms last week, however minor, that the report noted as unusual. Solana and Litecoin seemed to be the primary focus of negative investor sentiment, with outfflats totaling $2.6 million and $500,000 respectively. Among the altcoin-based products, Tezos stood out as the only one with infflats this week, amounting to $4.4 million, which is 14% of assets under management.

Meanthroughout the time, infflats for multi-asset investment products realized $14 million last week. The report stronglighted these products as having been a “stalwart” this year, as year-to-date infbottoms of $83 million have even surpassed Bitcoin. Infbottoms likewise extended for blockchain equity funds last week with $8 million.

Last week, CoinShares had also remarked which infbottoms had protracted despite the looming threat of conflict, scarcely prior to the onset of the invasion. While Europe had anew experienced infflats, some $101 million of last week’s $109 million in infflats went to the Americas.

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