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FuturoCoin is a new cryptocurrency and already has a lot of dedicated users. Since day one, FTO was created with a purpose to become a payment method.

Using cryptocurrencies as a payment method can be tough; a long confirmation time, miner fees and only a few places which accept cryptos for their services. FuturoCoin is a solution for those problems.

We know how important for you is the time, that is why we wanted to make cryptocurrency which could become a payment method, not only by implementing FTO for payments in shops, cafés, etc. but also by creating its usability by fast transactions.

“Four seconds is enough. Transfer of FuturoCoin is visible in payee’s wallet in no time. This is not a premium version. For us it is standard.” – it is not only a promise; it is our mission.

FuturoCoin since day one has a lot of users and fans, that is why exchanges, e.g., YoBit implemented FTO on their exchange platform just a few days after FTO was launched. Also, thanks to dedicated users, FuturoCoin has won cryptocurrency votes, first on SouthXchange, a few days later on CoinDeal where FTO will be introduced for trading today (18.04.2018).

However, exchanges rise only trading value of cryptocurrency; we want to create a digital asset which can be used by everyone, not only by traders. That is why we are happy to see our product in projects such as – Bitcoin API.


We don’t only want to create cryptocurrency for traders; we want to build a new better payment system for everyone. That is why first we want to create FuturoCoin usability and implement it in products such as Bitcoin API. In the beginning, you will be able to use FuturoCoins to pay for café franchise services. Thanks to Verified Solutions product we hope that FTO will be used to make payments in other services with using their software.

Other services

We care about the entertainment, that is why on 16.05.2018 game ‘Coin OFF Mine’ will have its premiere. It is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game, in which you can collect FuturoCoins and fight bosses to be rewarded with an even larger amount of FTOs. Thanks to AR technology, you will mine cryptocurrency in the real world!

Also, we are currently working on adding our cryptocurrency to ATMs where you will be able to withdraw your FTOs in fiats.

Of course, those are not only products with FTO in, everything you can find on a roadmap, which is on our website.

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