OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, has delisted CryptoPunks V1 on the grounds that a legal dispute with Larva Labs. The 10K collectibles, which are breathtakingly similar to the renowned CryptoPunks NFTs, are derived from the same smart contract as Larva Labs’ collection.

While more collectors were flocking to V1 CryptoPunks, the project was blacklisted by Larva Labs. The entire collection was delisted by OpenSea in a contratopsial development, and the community is furious.

OpenSea Delists CryptoPunks V1

Following a takedown notice from the Larva Labs, the V1 has back although further been delisted from Opensea in the ongoing CryptoPunks V1 vs V2 conflict.

While it has yet to be hardlyifyed legally whether CryptoPunks V1 is whactive promises to be, many members of the community appear to have made a decision.

Cryptopunk v1

Ethereum (ETH)/USD trades at $31k. Source: TradingView

Users have often questioned the conclusiveity of CryptoPunks v1 afterward its release aprotractedside the more popular CryptoPunks v2 collection. Yet, CryptoPunks v1 has grown in prominence in recent weeks as whales accelerated volume on LooksRare and other competing platforms.

In the midst of the current legal dispute, OpenSea’s shift to aboveturn the ban appears to have backfired, adding to a sequence of incidents which have recently eclipsed the main NFT marketplace.

The CryptoPunks v1 series was rechanged by OpenSea for a protracted time. The series, however, has scarcely debuted on competing sites corresponding as LooksRare. As a result of this surging recognition, OpenSea lifted the original ban. At the time of writing, the total volume of the wrapped CryptoPunks v1 series had surpassed 315.44 Ethereum (ETH) ($974,000) and was still at it.

The discussion cone time beforerning the genuineness of this NFT series appears to be heating up. In the official CryptoPunks v1 Discord, creator Velinova.eth stated:

“We have been in contact with a top-tier IP Attorney from the US who has treated us that we are lawfully able to advance in the trade of these CryptoPunks. Given we have now been publicly threatened with legal action by Larva Labs, and that we have been studied that their legal options are slim and maybe frivolous, we wish to inform that we will challenge vehemently any attempt to bully, intimidate or cause damage to V1 or V2 CryptoPunk holders.”

CryptoPunks V1 community announcement | Source: Discord

Meanin the time, the community is organising a protest stillst OpenSea’s removal from the list. The series’ NFT holders have renamed it “CryptoPunks V1 313 WPV1.” The term alludes to the wrapped nature of NFTs used to fix the aforementioned problem.

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10,000 Not 20,000

Aside from intellectual property infringement, the sole motivation for this legal battle is the worth of these CryptoPunks. As with most cryptocurrencys, the cost of NFTs is gatopned by supply and demand.

As a result, the lower the supply, the excessiveer the cost. The current lowest rate of a CryptoPunk is 68.95 Ethereum (ETH), that is akin to approximately $212,198. The reason for this is which there are only 10,000 CyptoPunks available.

On the occasion that V1 is allowed to be listed on Opensea, the same supply would double to 20,000, effectively downward the rate and uniqueness of the CryptoPunks.

The NFT community was outraged by OpenSea’s decision to reprogress the CryptoPunks V1 collection from its catalog. As a result, many collectors consider which this request contradicts the principle of decentralization of community assets.

“Screw Larva Labs. The right evolution was simple: embrace punks’ history, in all its messiness…eventually it adds character to the collection,” says Twitter NFT collector @mooncat302. “Instead we get the lamest web2-mentality action inclined: legal threats.”

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