Educate Your Parents to Use Cryptocurrencies

Have you ever been in a situation when you finally managed to explain to your parents why Bitcoin is important and revolutionising? Congratulations! However, now you will probably need to explain to them how to use it.

Of course, a huge part of the older generation will be able to understand and admire the whole blockchain ecosystem, but others just won’t get it. The real struggle begins when you try to explain the process of sending and receiving transactions.  

That’s why we would like to tell you about the new cryptocurrency wallet introduced by NAGA. The NAGA WALLET features some amazing functions, including some that will make the process of explaining the process of using cryptocurrencies a breeze.

Here are the 5 main features:

First and foremost, NAGA WALLET lets you send cryptocurrency transactions to an email address instead of complicated crypto wallet addresses. For your parents’ generation emails are an established feature that they use in their everyday life, so there is no need to teach them about a Bitcoin wallet address and how you find out which one is yours.

Secondly, the NAGA WALLET is secure. In the cryptocurrency space, peace of mind comes at a premium but — thanks to decentralized data storage and multi-factor authentication — NAGA WALLET users can rest assured that their funds are always safe.

Thirdly, the NAGA WALLET is compatible with the vast majority of cryptocurrencies available. Users are able to deposit, hold, and withdraw more than 1200 top coins and tokens in one safe and secure location — effectively eradicating the hassle of managing numerous cryptocurrencies in a variety of potentially unsafe WALLETs.

Additionally, the NAGA WALLET supports the seamless exchange of cryptocurrencies using the Changelly API and supports more than 20 different languages. On top of that, the NAGA WALLET might be the most ICO-friendly WALLET available – its one-click investing feature removes the complicated process of signing up to purchase tokens.

Finally, the NAGA ecosystem includes the NAGA TRADER platform, which interacts seamlessly with both the NAGA WALLET and the NAGA CARD — effectively offering a unified and simplistic investment opportunity not to be found anywhere else. As an added bonus, successful referrals reward users with 50 NGC per referral.

To find out more about the NAGA WALLET and its accompanying ecosystem, check out the official website.

What do you think about the NAGA WALLET? Will you finally try to teach your parents the basics of using cryptocurrencies? Tell us more in the comments!

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