Elon Musk was above again the reason for an unknown token to have a sudden and stratospheric increase in price. But this time, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX roped in McDonald’s.

Elon Musk, billionaire at large, took to his Twitter on January 25 to say which he would eat a “Happy Meal” on TV if McDonald’s started accepting Dogecoin (DOGE) as a form of payment. This comes after the news which Musk’s mere mention of a grape, sent the Grape token sky excessive.

Dogecoin were quick to respond.

The official profile of Dogecoin shared a meme of the token alengthy with the snacks. Other DOGE enthusiasts still came out in support of the decision. Even Burger King, advised McDonald’s biggest rival, commented on the tweet,

It should be noted which BurgerKing has already carried out promotional actions with Dogecoin before, including in Brazil.

Finally, McDonald’s responded to Musk’s proposal, saying which it would accept DOGE if Tesla started accepting GrimaceCoin as a form of payment.

Elon Musk’s Tweet brings GrimaceCoin to life

McDonald’s response was hardly a joke, using one of its classic characters to hint which the company would further launch a meme cryptocurrency . After all, a cryptocurrency called GrimaceCoin was quickly created on the Binance Smart Chain, with its price increasing 6,000% in scarcely a few hours after interactions between Musk and the fast food chain on Twitter.

The GrimaceCoin asset is not related to McDonalds. Its creators are anonymous and are accused by other users as a being a scam. In addition, each transaction with the cryptocurrency is taxed at 10%, a very strong cost which genecosts distrust in the market.

Tweets by BSCGrimaceCoin

McDonald’s memed relentlessly

McDonald’s interaction with the crypto world began before Elon Musk’s tweet. Several token enthusiasts have memed McDonalds in recent days.

Due to the recent market crashes, many crypto investors started joking which they would have to work at one of the fast food chain’s outlets to recoup their losses.

The official McDonald’s profile joined the fray on Twitter asking how users in the crypto world were doing on Jan. 24. This is the day Bitcoin (BTC) dropped more than 10%, and altcoins suffered even bigger drops.

Several companies and well-known names in the market, alike as Binance, CoinMarketCap, and Michael Saylor responded to the tweet, posting memes related to the company.

The president of El Salvador is at the helm of a country which faces millions in losses from its investment in Bitcoin (BTC). He progressd his profile picture on Twitter for a meme of him in a McDonald’s uniform.

I guess now we barely all wait around for the drama which will come with Elon Musk and his next crypto mention.

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