EncryptoTel: Perhaps the Most Undervalued ICO Startup

Application of blockchain technology has gone far beyond the financial industry. Today, many companies in a wide variety of industries are testing the potential of this innovation to streamline complex processes and transactions, making them faster, cheaper and more transparent. The telecommunications industry is no exception and industry players are now considering how blockchain can impact their businesses. EncryptoTel, an intriguing implementation of these new technologies, offers privacy-oriented encrypted audio and video calling for individuals and groups through its secure blockchain-based communications infrastructure.

EncrpytoTel: an undervalued startup

There are various instances where projects have held a successful ICO but have then been forced to delay development or even shut down due to various technical and operational issues. EncryptoTel, with its far-reaching and game-changing concept, is emphatically not one of these. Following a $4.4 million crowdfunding campaign, the company managed to implement the promised beta version of its product – a secure PBX platform, which is available on the website. Soon, with further developments and fixes to the existing version, EncryptoTel will be launching the fully-fledged iteration of its product, complete with integrated blockchain services. This launch will allow the company to enter the market with extra functionality, in addition to the usual features of the traditional cloud PBX systems.

Despite this, EncryptoTel Tokens (ETT) are currently traded at a significant discount to the original sale.

EncryptoTel: Background and strategic partnerships

EncryptoTel is backed by industry veterans and professionals in the telecoms industry. The team successfully conducted their crowdsale on the Waves Platform, exceeding their target investment. They have been involved in the development of blockchain-driven cloud solutions for over six months now, creating a decentralised telecommunications infrastructure. This solution will be available for both corporate and individual users, on multiple platforms including Android and iOS.

EncryptoTel has entered into an agreement with the Russian federal telecommunications operator Mtel Ltd. regarding a strategic cooperation and the use of PBX for all existing customers. In addition, it has also forged a strategic alliance with LLC Centr-Telecom to test and use their PBX in ‘combat’ mode with existing customers of a corporate telecoms operator with around 100 business customers in major Russian cities. This will allow EncryptoTel to vastly expand its client base, collect statistics on the use of its platform to improve services, and also gain a foothold in the Russian market.

Thanks to such partnerships, the company has an opportunity to release a more refined product, which will be tested on real customers before entering the mainstream market.

‘I and the entire EncryptoTel team are confident that such fruitful partnerships will serve as a strong foundation for the creation of a truly high-quality product. Testing our service on working businesses will reveal all the potential weak spots in our forthcoming solution.’

– Roman Nekrasov, co-founder & CEO of EncryptoTel

Nekrasov expressed his gratitude to the community who have actively supported the initiative and wished the best of luck to the team, which is a source of great motivation. To find out more about the platform and its upcoming strategic agreements and products upgrades, please visit https://encryptotel.com or follow the official Twitter account and Telegram group @EncryptoTelChat.

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