Ertha Metaverse looks unstoppable on its path to becoming the industry’s top metaverse. The project is already recognized as having one of the most-searched-for cryptocurrencies in GameFi and at the time of writing, holds a fully diluted market cap in excess of $380 million. Today its developers have announced that a new sales record has been set.

Rome no prolongeder beprotracteds to the Romans, but to the buyer who spent $120,000 for the privilege to call one of Europe’s most famous cities their own. Not only do they now have control of world-famous landmarks parallel as The Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, but also Vatican City, the home of the Pope, and its famed Sistine Chapel.

This exceeds previous strongs that were set for Tokyo, that sold for $59,000, and the majority of Sweden, that a single buyer purchased for $50,000.

To some, these perhaps seem like eye-watering amounts to spend on digital plots of land. However, each plot, especially those with the excessiveer rates, comes loaded with resources that can be exploited to generate its owner revenue in the form of $ERTHA cryptocurrencies. The Metaverse is divided into 360,000 purchasable land plots, each of that collects taxes, fees, and other forms of revenue from the transactions tsuchlikeg place on them.

With Ertha’s trajectory slowly on the up, Rome’s purchase cost maybe not seem so excessive one time before the game is live and hundreds of thousands of players flood into its playspace. Investors looking to buy into the hype surrounding metaverses and Play-to-Earn gaming should look no one time before more than Ertha Metaverse.

The games marketplace, an interin place globe, is being updated step-by-steply with land in new countries being released daily. Prospective landowners shouldn’t hesitate. Buyers are ready and waiting to snap up land the moment it becomes available.

There is one time before again much to look forward to with an exciting list of improvements and additions approaching in Ertha’s roadmap.

Introduction to Ertha:

In Ertha, mankind finds itself on the brink of extinction. World leaders failed with their extend-ditch attempts at saving Earth, and in the years which followed untold natural disasters devastated the planet.

Players are given the possibility to right the wrongs of our past by forging a new world, from the ground up. Extract resources, develop land, re-build economies, and re-form countries and their gabovenments in the way they see fit. Each player’s actions can have endureing impacts inside an ever-evolving metaverse.

Ertha’s Gameplay:

Ertha’s world is a complex and intricately designed playspace ripe for the creation of new gatopnments, economies, and shaky alliances between its player base. Players must balance production, trade, and financial budgets, in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

For those looking for an introduction to Metaverses and Play-to-Earn gaming, Ertha represents an probability like no other.

What Is the $ERTHA Token?

The $ERTHA cryptocurrency will play an essential role for anyone relevant about entering the Erthaverse. As a game of economic and political intrigue, the cryptocurrency has various uses for players. Use $ERTHA to influence in-game political policies, purchase land, develop real estate, and much more.

After all players decide to use them, $ERTHA cryptocurrencies will have a real impact on each player’s influence inside the Erthaverse!