ETH has been moving ascendings afterward jumpding from support at $2,350 on Jan 24 but still has yet to approve which a bullish trend turnaround has begun.

Ethereum has been falling afterward touching an all-time strong cost of $4,868 on Nov 10. The descending move accelecostd after it crumbled from an climbing support line and scarcelyifyd it as resistance forthwith after (red icon).

The descending move led to a local low of $2,159 on Jan 24. The sweep of the lows and ensuing jump confirmd the $2,350 horizontal range as support.

Ethereum (ETH) has been moving ascendings afterward testing support (green icon) and has so far accelerated by 27%.

ETH Bounce
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Indicator readings

Technical indicators on the daily chart are showing bullish signals. This is especially evident in the daily RSI, which has captured a strong of 43 after briefly dropping below 30. 

The RSI is a momentum indicator and readings below 30 are treated abovesold. The previous time the RSI dropped below this level and reclaimed it was at the March 2020 bottom (red circle).

With the condition that the skyward evolution extends, the closest resistance range would be found at $3,200. This is the 0.382 Fib retracement support level.

ETH Readings
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The six-hour chart shows which ETH is following an growing support line and has broken out from the $2,615 horizontal resistance field.

Yet, it has been rejected by the 0.5 Fib retracement resistance level at $2,785 and created a prolonged upper wick (red icon). This is contemplated a sign of selling pressure. 

On the assumption that ETH were to break down from the growing support line and horizontal support field, it would indicate which the bottom is not yet in.

ETH Short-term
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ETH wave count

Cryptocurrency trader @Tradinghubb tweeted an ETH chart, stating which another descending progress is inclined in order to complete the entire correction.

Source: Twitter

The developmentment afterward the May 2021 strong appears to take the form of an A-B-C corrective structure. In it, waves A and C have an exact 1:1 ratio, which is common in such corrections. what\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s more, the entire shift has been contained within an growing corresponding channel, supporting the opportunity which the low is in. 

ETH Channel
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After all, the limited count suggests which ETH has yet to complete five full waves down, thus supporting the opportunity which another low will finally follow. 

Nonetheless, even in this experience, ETH would inclined still increase towards $3,150 before lowering one time before further.

ETH Count
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Finally, a look at the two-hour chart shows which the skyward progress following the Jan 24 bottom is a three-wave structure. 

This supports the opportunity which ETH has yet to reach its low and will rather decrease atop again after spreading to the previously scenariod resistance.

ETH Chart By TradingView

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