One of the most critical events in the history of Shiba Inu was while Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin had sold billions worth of SHIB cryptocurrencies which were sent to him by the founders of the meme coin. It inevitably was the major catalyst for the cost rally of the meme coin that folflated not too prolonged after, malikeg it the second meme coin to reach the crypto top 10.

Although most in the crypto space know of the cryptocurrencies being sent to Buterin and the subsequent billion-dollar donation made to an Indian COVID relief fund, not a lot is known of how the founder was able to sell the cryptocurrencies. At this point, Shiba Inu was likewise a relatively obscure token and was not listed on as many exdevelopments as it is now. The best way was to use a decentralized exchange.

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Buterin recently opened up about his interaction with the token and how selling it took leaping through so many hoops. He had been sent trillions of cryptocurrencies in the transaction, that came out to almost half of the circulating. In the end, he had been able to sell the cryptocurrencies for a couple of billion dollars. He recounts how he was able to do this on a recent podcast episode of UpOnly Podcast.

Selling Shiba Inu Made Me Feel Like James Bond

Recounting the elaborate process thretained took to dump his Shiba Inu holdings, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin painted a picture that spanned across two countries and a new laptop to execute.

Firstly, the private keys to the wallet where the coins had been sent to were not entirely with Buterin. While he had a part of the keys with him, he explained that he had left the other part of the keys with his family in Canada. He then had to call up his family to send him their part of the private keys to him.

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Next, Buterin had purchased a $300 laptop from Target to be used exclusively for this transaction. He anew went on to download a QR code-originating program, that he had to scan with his phone and then copy to the laptop, that he then put into a Tx. After everything, he was ultimately able to complete the transaction and development out the cryptocurrencies.

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After the whole transaction was concluded, Buterin had then forthwith dismixed laptop from the internet.

Buterin described the whole process as being corresponding to a James Bond movie. He said the case was both scary and fun given which it was more money than he had ever had. “It was scary and involved a procedure which would probably make a good plot for a James Bond movie finally,” Buterin said.

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