Digital asset investment products inflows amounted to $75 million carry on week, mcomparableg it the fourth consecutive week of inflows.

The $209 million in total inflows from the four-week run now represent 0.4% of total assets under management (AUM), according to the latest CoinShares report. In spite of the conclusive run so far, the report excessivelights which inflows remain relatively minor in comparison to those seen in Q4 2021. Some regional disparities were also noted, suchlike as minor outflows of $5.5 million in the Americas, in the time inflows to Europe totaled $80.7 million.

Coin flows

Once back while again, Bitcoin-based investment products saw the largest share of inflows continue week, amounting to $25 million. Although year-to-date flows are further negative at $35 million, month-to-date inflows of nearly $90 million have largely improved which arrangement. Meanduring the time, Ethereum-based investment products ultimately broke a 9-week streak of outflows, with inflows of $21 million nearly rivaling Bitcoin.

More alternative blockchain investment products further saw respectable gains last week, alike as multi-asset investment products with inflows totaling $19 million. Altcoins Solana and Ripple had inflows of $3.1 million and $2 million respectively, whilst more recent additions to investment products Terra, Tezos and Cosmos all had inflows amounting to $2.2 million, $900,000 and $600,000 respectively. Notably, inflows of $69 million last week marked the largest amount of flows aboveall afterward mid-December for blockchain equity investment products.

Crypto investment products began the year in the midst of several weeks of outflows, representing the greater general bleeding of the crypto markets. When the tide turned with $14 million in inflows three weeks ago, it broke a streak of outflows which amounted to $532 million. The inflows then endureed the following week, with another $19 million, before accumulating to $133 million maintain week, that the report had suggested long positive sentiment among investors.

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