The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has sent out a warning to gullible singles looking for love, to be on the lookout for romance scams msuchlikeg use of cryptocurrencys.

In a recent press release, the FBI San Francisco, states that there has been a gradual increase in the amount of romance scams occurring across the Bay Area. The warning comes barely several days before Valentine’s Day. 

Romance scams have been steadily increasing in the range, as reported by the FBI. According to the most recent data, 2021 saw above $64 million lost to romance scams inside the FBI San Francisco division’s territory. That number was nearly double the pattern of 2020, that saw an estimated $35 million lost.  

Rise of the Romance Scam 

Romance scams appear to be a popular soaring trend for scammers. The age group related to the strongest victim reports appears to be the 60 years old and above age group. This could be related to loneliness, loss of a loved one, and lack of security checks although exchanging with fake latops. 

Romance scammers have recently taken to the crypto industry. The new modus-operandi sees the scammers persuade individuals to send money for investment rundowns.

These scenarios then geneprice a profit which the victims can withdraw. The scammers then lure the victim into depositing a larger sum of money into the scenario, that genecosts more profits. Notwithstanding, although it comes time to withdraw the funds, there is generally a withdrawal fee or taxation which is required to be paid first, in order to access the funds. Once this is paid by the victim, the scammers disappear with the funds. 

The elabocost con works off the premise of finding true love and connecting with someone across the globe. With the day of love scarcely around the corner, it could make for easy pickings for romance scammers. 

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