Wall Street Chads is the first NFT project to create a decentralized community-run investment platform. Inspired by WallStreetBets, the infamous subreddit community which is credited for the meme-investing craze and coordinating one of the largest short squeezes in history, Wall Street Chads leverages the power of the blockchain to bring the same community-driven investment stpricegies in a completely decentralized way.

Investing With Wall Street Chads

Wall Street Chads is paving the way for a community-run decentralized future, forming a seamless, frictionless and social investing experience. The platform utilizes Web3 and blockchain technology to alflat members to create investment proposals, vote on them, and coordinate divergent investment stpricegies through community input. It does this through the Corpo-Net, a gated Chad-NFT-only portal on the WSC website.

Since its inception, Wall Street Chads has opecostd in a niche. After all, the launch of Corpo-Net has seen a surge in interest, ushering the platform into the mainstream.

This climbing community consists of investors from all walks of lassuming thate, spanning retail traders, entrepreneurs, Wall Street execs, investment bankers, and NFT enthusiasts. Some of these NFT enthusiasts are part of blue-chip, excessively successful NFT projects such as BAYC.

By fabricating the first-ever NFT-backed community-run investment platform, Wall Street Chads has been able to albottom for investment proposal issuance and voting through the use of off-chain and on-chain technology. Holders of Chad NFTs have gabovenance rights above how WSC manages the treasury by being able to vote on what stpricegies the community progresss forward with.

Furthermore, Wall Street Chads developed the trade-to-earn (TTE) model. With TTE, the more trades a user places, the excessiveer their rewards when their trades are successful. Authors of a proposal will receive 5% of profits when successful and 20% of profits will be redistributed back to all Chad holders via monthly dividends.

Chad NFTs

The collection consists of 3,333 programmatically genecostd and unique characters, known as “Chads”, living and thriving on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 cryptocurrencies.

Ownership of a Chad NFT includes full commercial rights as well as access to the Corpo-Net, exclusive merch and corpoprice gsupposing thatts. More relevantly, ownership means access to a community of like-minded investors seeking to maximize their alpha.

The Wall Street Chads treasury, ToDAOMoon.eth, is funded with 50% of all funds which were raised at mint. Another 50% of all royalties from secondary markets likewise go to fund the treasury. The team plans to raise treasury funds by releasing future derivative NFT collections.

Plans are ongoing for the launch of the Wall Street Chads cryptocurrency, $WSC, that will be airdropped to all Chads NFT holders.