Has the CoinMarketCap Mobile App Arrived Too Late to the Party?

Mobile applications play an integral role in the world of cryptocurrency. Users rely on such tools to manage portfolios, use their wallets, and whatnot. CoinMarketCap now has its own mobile application, which is primarily designed to track cryptocurrency prices. The app is available for iOS, and it seems an Android version is in the works as well.

The Success Story of CoinMarketCap

Long-term cryptocurrency enthusiasts are all too familiar with the CoinMarketCap platform. It offers a lot of valuable information regarding Bitcoin, altcoins, digital assets, and tokens. The main statistic people are looking for is the market cap of individual projects. Additionally, CMC also tracks trading volumes, trading pairs, and a lot more.

Over the years, the platform has seen some interesting changes. Users can now enable or disable the inclusion of South Korean exchanges’ prices. There’s also the night mode to make looking at the site easier on the eyes while in bed. It is, for most people, the go-to platform for tracking cryptocurrency prices, market caps, and overall volatility.

Even so, there is a lot of competition in this space as well. Various copycat platforms have emerged since the cryptocurrency craze of late 2017. While these competitors try to offer something unique, CoinMarketCap remains the undisputed market leader. Remaining in that position is not easy, and will require some innovative ventures on behalf of the team.

The CoinMarketCap Mobile App

To a lot of people, it came as a surprise there was no CoinMarketCap mobile application. That situation has now come to change, at least for iOS users. With the team’s lack of effort in the mobile department over the years, it seems they are a bit behind the curve. Competing with existing portfolio applications will be quite a challenge, for obvious reasons.

Under the hood, the app works as one would come to expect. All of the traditional information is available, as well as options to switch rankings based on individual statistics. Sadly, users will need to contend with a permanent banner ad at the bottom of the application. Right now, there is no way to obtain an ad-free experience, which is a bit of a problem in this day and age.

It also appears the CoinMarketCap team prepares to launch some new features. This includes a commercial API, which will offer more historical data. There are also plans to monetize the experience through advertising, although no specifics were provided. Whether or not people will use this app over the regular mobile browser experience, remains to be determined. That latter option offers virtually the same functionality.


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