Interview: NewsBTC talks to Keyrpto Team

Q: Keyrpto has an interesting tagline – “blockchain based e-commerce platform”. Is it same as enabling cryptocurrency payments for e-commerce or beyond that? Please explain.

A: Keyrpto is not just a platform using cryptocurrencies, it’s far beyond that. what we are trying to achieve here is to integrate the blockchain technology to e-commerce. such as; Smart Contract between buyer & seller which will provide complete transparency offered by transactions through blockchain. Every transaction is recorded and visible to the public. Moreover, Cost-effectiveness. Store owners accept cryptocurrencies with zero/very low fees by removing the middlemen/payment processors. We believe that blockchain can present endless opportunities for e-commerce.

Q: How does Keyrpto help the existing e-commerce vendors and buyers?

A: Keyrpto offers a unique concept for both parties. For sellers, Keyrpto helps to set up their online stores with a low cost & state-of-art tools. Moreover, a unique SEO which is designed to maximize profits and helps consumers to find products & services. For sellers, Keyrpto offers quick & secure crypto payment, easy-to-use search engine & more variety in product offerings. Moreover, discreet & privacy purchases.

Q: How do you compare Keyrpto with the likes of Open Bazaar?

A: Open Bazaar has already introduced crypto payment. However, in order to stay competitive in this area, we see Keyrpto as the natural extension and evolution of e-commerce, Keyrpto will unlock the door between the crypto payment and online marketplace.

Decentralization and the opportunities presented by the use of blockchain technology in e-commerce are endless.

Q: What are the commission or facilitation fees Keyrpto charges from the participants?

A: Meantime, we didn’t decide on Keyrpto’s fee. However, the platform is powered with KYT tokens, we will have some special offerings for KYT holders in setting up stores and transaction fees.

Q: You have a token sale going on. How much are you planning to raise? Where will the funds be used?

A: Our soft cap is US$ 3,000,000 and hard cap is US$ 5,100,000. We will use this fund to complete our platform, hiring more talents to join the team, initiating the app and launching a worldwide marketing campaign to make sure that Keyrpto is the new ebay of crypto marketplace.

Q: Would you like to share more information about the Keyrpto team and their expertise, and how they will put it to use in the project?

Our team consists of high performing and experienced professionals who specialize in Blockchain Technology, Software Developments, IT Infrastructure, Digital Marketing, and many more fields. We constantly looking for new talents to join our team. Moreover, our advisors are not only specialists in their own field, but also fully dedicated to ensuring the success of this project.

Q: When can we expect people to start using the platform?

A: By Q2, 2018, following our Beta launch, we will start accepting sellers to set up their stores and by Q4 2018, we will officially launch the platform so people can start to navigate through & shop online.

Q: How do you plan to get more people to use the platform? Do you have any partnerships or collaborations in mind?

A: We successfully teamed up with Afrimalin ( Afrimalin is a classified website with a large range of products and services focuses on French-speaking African countries, which will be the gate to enter the African market. Meantime, We are in process of partnerships with different e-commerce platforms around the globe to achieve our main goal which is the no.1 choice for crypto marketplace.

Q: Would you like to tell our readers anything more about the project?

A: Stay tuned! Keyrpto will change the game of e-commerce.


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