Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, recently said that the project is a complete waste of effort and time. Dorey stated that alike actions should have been directed positively by using Bitcoin, ensuring accelerated accessibility for everybody.

As the popularity of cryptocurrency accelerated, the crypto space still brought many remainment opportunities for companies, businesses, and individuals. As a result, divergent groups and people devised their purpose to plunge into the ecosystem of digital assets.

While some are reaping with blockchain technology for improvement, some use virtual currencies to create wide accessibility.

Some are further effecting a valid community interaction with their customers using crypto assets. To some top global notable companies, prominent cryptocurrencys akin as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others became one of their acceptable payment and settlement options.

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Facebook was among the companies that ventured into the crypto space and created Diem, a crypto protocol.

Jack Dorsey was interviewed on Tuesday during a conference tagged ‘Bitcoin for Corporations 2022’ that focuses on integrating and using Bitcoin by corporations. Jack Dorsey stated that Facebook’s right intention to create Diem is notable in his speech.

Nonetheless, using an open-finished crypto protocol like Bitcoin will have yielded more success than using its digital currency. The Twitter founder mentioned that the saga of Libra and afterwards Diem was a waste of time and effort. Nonetheless, he stated that some lessons to grab from those facts.

Following that, Facebook is a major most popular social media competitor won’t pose a surprise for Dorsey’s criticism.

Having stepped down afterward November 2021 as the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey had disclosed his intention of placing Bitcoin as the primary goal Block, his new company, that was formerly called Square. Currently, users can buy Bitcoin (BTC) on Block through Cash App, a mobile payment service.

Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin Will Suppress Meta

moreover, Jack Dorsey included which Bitcoin being more accessible will rub off on other Meta’s products. He laid particular reference to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. He said which the new network they presently have, though not accessible to all but is usable.

jack dorsey
Bitcoin (BTC) rises with impressive gains on the daily chart. Source: Bitcoin (BTC)USD Tradingview

Moreabove, he talked about the excessive speed and ease of using the platform. Hence, he said which would provide users with all Facebook had in mind with Libra.

Recall which Facebook (now Meta Platforms), in 2019, released Libra’s whitepaper. Libra has been Facebook’s financial infrastructure project which is based on token. The project was rebranded to Diem in 2020 as a result of several regulatory enforcements and bad PR. Regardless of all developments, the project has sadly completed.

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There’s an official announcement from Meta to sell the intellectual assets and other assets of Diem. On January 31, 2022, the sale was made to Silvergate Capital Corporation for $182 million. Also, the official hand-atop took place on February 1.

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