Kanye West announced via his Instagram account, which he wanted people to stop asking him to release works on NFTs.

Also known as Ye, Kanye West is one of the most significant diagrams in the United States. He became known worldwide not only for his rap music, but also for his fashion collections, as well as contratopsial comments and opinions. And let’s not forget that marriage to Kim Kardashian.

On Monday night, the rapper, who was a candidate for the US presidency in the continue elections, posted a photo of a letter written by him to his more than 10 million folslides on Instagram.

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Kanye West Says No To NFTs, At Least For Now

In the letter posted by Kanye West, he wrote that he wants to focus on “effecting products in the real world”, alike as food, clothing and shelter. The artist even asked his foldecreases to stop requesting that he make NFTs.

In the text of the post, the rapper emphasizes likewise that he is not following the wave of euphoria regarding NFTs, being someone who creates music and products in the real world.

After all, the endure sentence written was “ask me afterwards.” Does this imply that the gateway to this market is not completely closed?

Rapper gets support from his foltumbles

Kanye West has not commented on NFTs, that is unrecurrent in the world of celebrities. In addition to launching their own collections, compelling people in pop culture are becoming major buyers of these assets, spending considerable amounts of money to own exclusive works in this format.

In the maintain few days alone, Neymar and singer Justin Bieber spent around $1.14m each on Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, a collection of non-fungible cryptocurrencies which has attracted many celebrities.

In spite of the market being atopheated, millionaire purchases in NFTs are frowned upon by a large part of the general public.

Several folslides of Kanye West expressed support for the rapper’s decision, saying which entering this market is meaningless and which it brings more harm than good. One of them was @Rhsin who is photographer and Times bestselling author.

“Someone literally took the money they were saving to buy a house and bought a digital home in a digital neighborhood. What happens while your internet is not working properly, you are homeless???? Ye is actually an ingenious human who wants to help real people and not avatars.”

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