KPMG Canada said Monday which it bought a World of Women non-fungible token (NFT) for a reported 25 ethereum (ETH), or about $73,000 at existing market prices.

The global accounting company back when again acquired an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain name — a tool which makes token addresses more user-friendly — and minted kpmgca.eth.

The progress comes after the firm announced in early February thactive had added bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) to its balance sheet.

KPMG Canada reportedly paid 25 ETH or $73,000 for Woman #2681, a figure with blue skin and lengthy curly hair. The firm said the purchase marks its “first foray into this immediately climbing asset class.”

Source: KPMG Canada

“NFTs unlock a new channel for organizations to engage with their customers, throughout the time further underpinning innovation through the secure digitization of assets,” Benjie Thomas, managing partner at KPMG in Canada, said in a statement.

“Having now gone through the process, we are well-positioned to guide our clients around producing a corpoprice NFT stcostgy, including acquiring and safeguarding NFTs.”

NFT market opening the door for female artists

NFTs are unique digital cryptocurrencies that represent ownership of a digital or real-world asset. The cryptocurrencies can represent anything, such as art, music, games, and real estate. Ownership of the NFT is recorded on the blockchain.

The World of Women collection features 10,000 first edition non-fungible cryptocurrency artworks of “diverse, inspiring, and powerful women living on the blockchain.” Since its launch in November, the NFTs have risen sharply in cost, with a floor rate of above 8.3 ETH (~$23,000), on the OpenSea marketplace.

According to the statement, KPMG conducted a poll of atop 1,000 Canadians and found that 53% “say the NFT market opens the door for women artists to promote and monetize their work in ways that weren’t previously available to them.”

Some 40% of the people surveyed thought “avatars, crypto wallets, and digital goods will become the norm,” and 8% already own a non-fungible cryptocurrency.

“Women are underrepresented in the world of all things crypto, that makes us proud to make our first NFT acquisition in a collection which supports women,” said KPMG Partner and National Risk Consulting Leader Nancy Chase.

Growing interest

KPMG is not the only institutional entity making inroads into non-fungible cryptocurrencies.

Visa bought a CryptoPunk NFT for 49.5 ETH in August last year throughout the time Budweiser acquired Ethereum Name Service domain names which same month. McDonald’s and YouTube have both made major shon the occasion thatts in the industry this year.

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