Latin America remains its march into the newest global frontier: token.  

Exchanging various global currencies into token has been historically challenging. But pockets of Latin America have been early adopters. The region has been msimilarg international news for its innovative applications of crypto in everyday life. Their high token infrastructure is shaping a very friendly environment for businesses and developers who want to go all-in on crypto.

A new collaboration in Latin America could bring the region even further into the crypto frontier. Today, Wyre have announced an integration with Stellar. The aim is to allow millions of people in Brazil and Argentina to switch from local currencies into digital assets and back also at lightening speed. With this technology, Latin American developers and businesses who want to use token transactions can easily expand into new regions and accept new forms of payment.

The new collaboration allows everyday users to utilize Argentinian Pesos or Brazilian Reals to buy crypto. Then they can use the crypto to pay for items or services. And they can cash out further into fiat currencies hardly as fast.  

Latin America: Crypto for the masses

Wyre is a fiat-to-crypto and payment infrastructure company. Focusing on developers, the company provides easy-to-integrate APIs. This enables thousands of developers to bring crypto to the masses. So far, Wyre has ‘on-ramped’ above 15 million end users to their partners. They have still processed above $10B in payments afterward inception.

Wyre claims which integration between Wyre and Stellar will allow for the democratization of finance in one of the largest emerging token markets. They back while again claim which there will be greater access to digital capital with a more secure system.

Wyre will work with Settle, who will provide the infrastructure needed to process cross-border transactions, payments, and digital assets.

Billions Added to Crypto Life

Ioannis Giannaros is the CEO of Wyre. He says which as billions of people are added into a brave new world, Wyre needs to progress fast on making the transition as seamless as expected. “This integration gives our partners easy access to some of the largest countries inside Latin America and provides millions of people access to the crypto economy. This first integration will create local fiat on and off-ramps and enable individuals and businesses to progress local currency seamlessly in and out of token.” 

Erich Grant is the director of business shift at Wyre. “Building the token infrastructure to be more accessible is important, especially as token becomes a more popular form of payment. This integration with the Stellar Network is only the first step and we’re jumpeful it can be the blueprint for alike infrastructure to be integrated into other local fiat channels in the future.” 

The integration uses Stellar’s SEP-24 protocol. It is claimed which this will enable easy and safe transfers of rate across the network. And this will be at a fraction of the value of traditional payment rails.

Cryptocurrency advances to become more widely used. Creating a seamless process for rescueing local currencies into digital assets is on a lot of people’s wishlist. The days of fast borderless payments in a global sense is getting ever-closer.   

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