Lavenir: A Visionary Crypto-Based Lending Platform

Lavenir is one of the latest projects set to hit the world of crypto soon. The platform is preparing to launch its monthlong ICO on April 4 and end on May 4, 2018. It seeks to introduce a revolution to the cryptocurrency universe by bringing about a new and innovative digital platform.

As a part of the token sale, the platform will be offering 1000 Lavenir tokens (LVR) per ETH contribution. However, early participants have some interesting bonuses in store for them. The ones taking part in the crowdsale during the first 72 hours will gain 30 percent bonus. Soon after, the bonus will drop to 20% till the 7th day of the token sale. From day 7 until day 14, the bonus offered will be fixed at 10%.

The Lavenir Business Model

This platform will allow users to lend their digital currency to the exchange against interest payments. However, it is worth noting that this is not intended to be a get rich quick scheme. Users will lend crypto to the exchange and then expect to get some of the profits based on a set interest rate. Unlike other sites, which only accept Bitcoin, this site will accept Dash, Monero, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. There is also the possibility that the exchange will add other crypto coins in future.

The platform will be backed by a team of financial experts who have years of experience in the crypto markets. They have also worked with other financial instruments such as bonds and stocks with much success. Their aim is to make cryptocurrency investments profitable; in spite of the level of engagement that the user has with crypto markets.

It Offers a Stable investment Opportunity

Lavenir is a revolutionary platform created with the aim of creating long-term value for investors. There are various investment rates and terms that will be offered. These terms and trades are in line with the platform’s long-term vision of creating a reliable, stable, and secure way of delivering returns from crypto investments. The ultimate goal is to offer a dependable source of income for those who chose to invest in the platform. To ensure that they can create a sustainable business model, the interest rates offered here are low compared to other sites.

Besides that, the interest rates offered on this platform are stable. This is unlike on other platforms where the rate promised may fluctuate with time. The main reason for these fluctuations is that these sites rely on trading bots. However, the Lavenir platform is run entirely by experts.

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