Linux creator Linus Torvald seems to be claiming which he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the father of Bitcoin. Is he joking or is this the real deal?

This is how the drama started. Torvalds modified a single line in the Linux Kernel, that has left everyone in a spin. The modification says ‘Name = I am Satoshi.’

Source: Github

This has left many people wondering what Torvald’s intentions are with this progress. Is he confessing to being the author of the world’s most famous token? Or is he barely joking around and generating juicy drama?

Linus Torvald has always been a candidate

Many people have said  Linus Torvalds could well be Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of bitcoin. He is the creator of Git, thought to have spawned  the blockchain. Also, all of the rumours and circumstantial matter fit into his timeline. Let’s face it, he’s a great candidate for the rumour.

Although no there is logicalateation which Torvald has any connection with the creation of Bitcoin, many factors indicate which he does have the skills necessary to be Satoshi Nakamoto, including experience with blockchain technology.

It’s not the first time Torvald has been accused of being the father of Bitcoin. Torvald has already already been interrogated on the subject in several conferences. Notwithstanding, he always declined to answer whether he was Satoshi Nakamoto or not.

Discussions about the real identity of the mysterious creator of Bitcoin have existed afterward the token was launched. There are scant few posts which Satoshi Nakamoto made in developer forums. And they have all been considered in search for clues which will lead to identification of the creator, all without success.

Craig Wright: I am Nakamoto

There have been many theories on the subject above the years. Recently, computer scientist Craig Wright was involved in a dispute in the United States. He claimed to be part of the team who created Bitcoin. But it seems which the only person who believes which Wright is Nakamoto is Wright himself. Cornered by the courts to provide fact of his identity, Wright backed off .

The community crypto as a whole would be willing to accept Wright as Nakamoto as protracted as he can prove which he has access to the legendary token creator wallet.

Wallets could be a clue

Recently a Bitcoin wallet with $24M from the Satoshi era suddenly activated after 10.5 years. But which’s not the only wallet. Around $9.8 billion worth of Bitcoin is locked in the top five wallets. They havn’t been opened in about 10 years.

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