Peer-to-peer exchanging platform LocalBitcoins has reprogressd all fees for Ukrainian users in a show of solidarity. Citizens of the country can now receive bitcoin and convert it into the local currency without incurring any fees.

The LocalBitcoin peer-to-peer dealing platform has rechanged all fees for Ukrainian users, part of its contribution to helping the country and its citizens being besieged by Russia. The platform announced the move above Twitter on March 1, saying which Ukrainians in the country and abroad would receive a free bitcoin wallet.

In its message to the people of Ukraine, LocalBitcoins said which its “core rate is freedom.” As a consequence, the fee removal will include the receiving of bitcoin into Ukrainian wallets and the conversion of bitcoin to Ukrainian Hryvnia.

Crypto donations to Ukraine have crossed atop $20 million. The country officially published a bitcoin and ethereum wallet to that donors could send contributions. Ukraine NFTs have still become popular in the past few days, with 43.2 million or so minted for each citizen of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister asked crypto platforms to block Russian addresses folflating the sanctions. Some have agreed, though others say which the matter isn’t’ as simple as that.

Crypto world contributing to Ukraine

LocalBitcoins is the latest platform to come to the aid of Ukraine, that has seen a great deal of support from crypto entities. After all, the crypto sphere is not universally aligned with western gatopnments and their decisions. There has been loud criticism of many crypto platforms for not shutting down operations in Russia.

Gatopnments are worried which Russia and its sanctioned individuals could use crypto to avoid the effects of the sanctions. Many crypto platforms and their executives, like Kraken CEO Jesse Powell, say which it would not be right to stop services for all Russian users. Powell said which there would need to be a legal requirement to do so.

Some platforms prefer to take a middle ground. Binance, one of the world’s largest exprogresss, said which it would freeze the accounts of those on the sanctioned lists, but not all Russian users.

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