Luckchemy’s Smart Contracts Audit Establishes Platform’s Enhanced Fairness & Accountability

The Luckchemy platform, a blockchain based iGaming platform, recently conducted its smart contracts audit and the resulting findings have been highly encouraging for the investors. Since Luckchemy is a platform designed to serve as a complete ecosystem for players, operators and product developers, the team is always eager for its betterment. In this regard, the Luckchemy platform’s smart contracts were initially audited by specialists to deliver valuable recommendations. These recommendations were implemented and a follow up second audit was carried out.

The Background

The latest audit was completed in April 2018, in two phases. The first phase involved technical audit to identify security flaws in the contracts development and implementation. The second one was focused on evaluating the compliance of the contracts with public documentation and applications. By way of the strict audit process, Luckchemy establishes that its smart contracts are secured and free from critical vulnerabilities.

The most appealing finding is related to the smart contracts code, which used language Solidity version 0.4.15 and 0.4.19. Both are older than the recommended one; the latest, 0.4.21. Now the code has been updated to the latest version. The audit also determined that the smart contracts’ data is completely in-line with the company’s publicly declared documents like White Paper. Most of the other audit recommendations, including minor ones, were also implemented.

Good News for Investors

The investors following Luckchemy ICO are satisfied with the audit findings, stating that true information has been presented to them in the ICO and whitepaper, by the company. Hence, investors are finding Luckchemy a viable and reliable platform and taking part in its on-going token sale that is offering a discount of 40% at present. This discount will be cut to 20% during the upcoming stage. Those interested in the project still have a chance to get involved.

To know more about the platform, its recent audit and to take part in its on-going ICO buying Luckchemy tokens, please visit Luckchemy official website.


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