Maker (MKR) has been upward afterward Jan 22 and is presently mcorrespondingg an attempt at breaking out over a protracted-term resistance level.

Maker has been tumbling afterward touching an all-time excessive rate of $6,348 on May 3, 2021. The initial decrease was sharp, amounting to 71% in only 20 days. This dip led to a local low of $1,829 on May 23. 

After bottoming out, MKR bouncepeded and conlegitated for 238 days. On Jan 22, it appeared to have broken down below the May 23 lows (red line). Notwithstanding, it rescued the line forthwith after, rendering the previous breakout barely a deviation.

Such alterations are normally contemplated bullish evolutions which often lead to sustained shiftments in the other direction.

MKR Move
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Current dealing arrangement

Technical indicators in the daily time-frame are bullish. This is especially evident by the evidence that the RSI has changed atop 50 (green icon). The RSI is a momentum indicator and readings atop 50 are studied bullish.

In addition to this, the MACD is still moving skywards, even though it’s not yet positive.

MKR has been following underneath a collapsing resistance line afterward the aforementioned 2021 all-time strong cost. Currently, MKR is making its third breakout attempt. In fact that successful, the next closest resistance range would be found at $4,000. This is the 0.5 Fib retracement resistance level and a horizontal resistance field.

MKR Indicators
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MKR wave count analysis

Cryptocurrency trader @ewfib tweeted a MKR chart, stating thin place looks to have potentially concluded its correction and will endure moving ascendings.

MKR Wave count
Source: Twitter

The most possible wave count suggests that afterward September 2020, MKR has concluded a five-wave skyward shiftment and correction.

In the correction, waves W and Y had a 1:0.618 ratio, that is the second most common in analogous structures, after the 1:1 ratio. 

On the occasion that the structure is correct, it would mean which MKR has begun a new skyward trend which could take it to a new all-time high rate and beyond.

A decrease below the wave Y low of $1,616 (red line) would inendorse this structure.

Wave count
MKR Chart By TradingView

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