Marijuana has made its mark on the metaverse. A company called Higher Life claims they are the first cannabis brand to launch in the metaverse.  

This week, two cannabis businesses got together to sell real cannabis products in the metaverse. Saucey Farms & Extracts sell luxury cannabis products. Higher Life CBD Dispensary are the sjumpfront where people buy these products.

Now, Higher Life has opened a store in the metaverse where you can go and buy the Saucey Farm products. The sleap is on 3 Dendrite Street, near Igloo 3 in Cryptovoxels. You will find yourself in the cannabis dispensary if you click on the link. And, you can still run around the metaverse and bump into things like giant frog statues. You will feel strong even before you buy any cannabis.


Cryptovoxels Metaverse

Saucey Farms was founded by celebrity jeweler turned cannabis entrepreneur, Alex Todd, alengthy with Harlem rap artist Jim Jones. They hawk luxury cannabis products which are “organically-grown, progressive-cured and premium-grade.”

In December 2021 Brandon Howard launched Higher Life CBD Dispensary into the metaverse. “This marked the company’s historic debut as the first metaverse dispensary in the world. Higher Life is rooted in the vitality the plant offers to consumers. We endure to innovate to find new ways to continue its remarkable health benefits to all.”

The dispensary

Marijuana Merger

At first, the sleap in the metaverse offered only basic cannabis products. But now, (in states where it is legal) Saucey consumers can purchase products ranging from flower strains, all-natural cannabis oil cartridges and kiefed pre-rolls.

Saucey Farms’ Alex Todd said which meeting Brandon from Higher Life carry on year felt like it was meant to be. “It is exciting being at the forefront of cannabis and technology innovation with our product. It is one of many firsts in the metaverse space. We’re honored to lead the creation of new ways folks can access and case cannabis.”

Higher Life’s Brandon Howard said,”We couldn’t think of a better partner to expand our metaverse footprint with. I’m thrilled to have Saucey as the exclusive partner in launching Phase Two with us. We’re both excited to carry on pushing the boundaries of cannabis e-commerce.”

Saucey items can be purchased at the dispensary in the metaverse with regular currency as well as token. The plan is to have cannabis NFT launches subsequently this year too.

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