StreamCoin CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh hosted a live AMA session on the 16th February 2022 on MeiTalk which was simultaneously multicasted to their official YouTube and Twitch channels. The AMA session was seamlessly live-streamed above the channels, where the CEO gave information regarding the ongoing StreamCoin ICO, its referral program, MeiTalk, and its features.

StreamCoin Telegram community members were provided with the opportunity to send their queries prior to the live event. CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh took the time to clarassuming thaty each doubt and provided information regarding some of the most commonly asked questions. He still took time to answer some queries which were poured in via the live chats. Among which one was regarding the coins listing on well-known exevolutions. Michael stated which the non-disclosure contract between the company and the exshon the assumption thatts did not permit them to disclose the exact date however he hinted that StreamCoin would be listed on atop 100 exprogresss within the first week of May.

Viewers were inquisitive about StreamCoin, questions regarding its conversion to fiat and cost prediction, mainnet of StreamCoin, and burning of StreamCoin were put up. Michael informed viewers that StreamCoin, had no tax and thactive could be converted into fiat hardly like any other token, on respective decentralized exshon the assumption thatts. He predicted the rate of StreamCoin to go up to $1.3-$3 after the listing. He likewise went on to exclaim that the unsold cryptocurrencies from the public sale will be burnt aprolonged with a similar amount from the team allotment. The CEO disclosed StreamCoin is scheduled to run on its own mainnet in the coming 2 to 4 years.

Michael was confident about the features of the latest live streaming platform MeiTalk, explaining that the platform presently supported OBS studio. He told the viewers that MeiTalk provides streamers and viewers with many opportunities to earn that include, validatement by viewers, watching adverts, and the NFT-ing of videos at the NFT marketplace.

The CEO gave details of the ICO referral program. The referral program, that can be accessed through the StreamCoin website, has no limit and the code can be shared with as many people as possible. The ICO and its referral program started on February 1st , will end on April 30th. Currently, StreamCoin has a partnership with Real Research, viewers of the live streaming session were inquisitive about it, that Michael assured was being extended.

The 50 minutes session was the second AMA of StreamCoin. CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh helped clear many doubts of community members. He informed viewers of his participation at the World Live Streamer’s Conference which is being held in Dubai on March 25th and 26th 2022.

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