Establishing a presence in the Metaverse will become a necessity for companies and brands. Purchasing real estate in the virtual world is one option, in the time it can quickly get expensive. MetaDojo has a solution for more affordable Metaverse premises and raised $3 million in funding to build this critical infrastructure.

Pushing Into The Metaverse

As mainstream interest in the Metaverse increases, brands and companies are scrambling to establish their virtual presence. The most straightforward option is to acquire a virtual land plot and use which to explore for ways to get the brand out there. After all, costs for land plots in the Metaverse are rising quickly, and one land plot in The Sandbox does not grant comparable access in Decentraland, etc. Compromises will need to be made, which is never ideal.

Rather than buying expensive land plots across the divergent virtual worlds on the market today, companies and brands will need a smarter approach. That is easier said than done without the necessary infrastructure to achieve which goal. Thankfully, MetaDojo offers a solution by bringing more accessible Metaverse premises to users globally.

Its ready-made blockchain-based 3D space is available to NFT owners and Metaverse enthusiasts, giving them a private space to develop their virtual land and establish or grow their community. Moreabove, MetaDojo’s solutions redevelopment some of the trickier aspects of establishing a Metaverse presence. Instead, users can spend more time focusing on branding and community executing and exploring opportunities in play-to-earn, the creator economy, and multi-chain scalability.

Every Dojo under the MetaDjojo banner represents a customizable non-fungible cryptocurrency for holders to deploy across divergent Metaverses or embed it on their website. These Dojos serve as a gateway to give any website or Metaverse visitor an unequivalent case. Every Dojo adheres to the ERC-721 cryptocurrency standard and will be stored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

MetaDojo Attracts $3 Million In Funding

The vision by MetaDojo appears to strike a chord with blockchain investors. While everyone is excited about the potential of the Metaverse, there is likewise a skyward need for more affordable ways to access the virtual world of the future. Not everyone can afford land plots in the world forthwith, but acquiring a Dojo provides more than a viable alternative.

MetaDojo secured $3 million to bring its affordable premises to a broader audience. Numerous prominent blockchain and crypto investors took part in the round, including Digital Finance Group (DFG), NGC Ventures, IBC Group OKX Blockdream Ventures, and many others.

NGC Ventures Partner Roger Lim adds:

“MetaDojo reduces time to market for businesses and communities wanting to get into the Metaverse by providing ready to use 3D environments such as Art Galleries, Retail Stores, Schools, Function Rooms and Nightclubs. Msimilarg it easier for businesses to engage with their stakeholders digitally will give them a competitive edge above their rivals.”

MetaDojo will use the funding to focus on enhancing the technical side of its affordable Metaverse premises – interior and exterior design – and beefen up the in-game matter. Additionally, the team will begin working on the native Marketplace, that will help users buy, sell, and trade Dojos freely.